2009-04-05 divverentfix ViewSide
2009-04-04 divverentfix decompiling crash
2009-04-04 divverentnew options:
2009-04-03 divverentadd an option -mergeportals to speed up vis, while...
2009-04-02 divverent"Portable" Radiant support: when a subdirectory "settin...
2009-04-01 divverentalso accept OS=Windows_NT
2009-03-31 divverentsome stuff by 27:
2009-03-30 divverentmove windows.h include upwards to not confuse visual...
2009-03-29 divverentupdae changelog
2009-03-29 divverentapply all of VorteX's changes except deviance (that...
2009-03-29 divverentVorteX: KeyExists function, cast shadows from func_wall...
2009-03-28 divverentalready apply some safe changes:
2009-03-28 divverentadd a "todo item" directory containing VorteX's patches
2009-03-28 divverentfix q3map2 -scale command line parsing
2009-03-27 divverentget the parentparent reference before changing the...
2009-03-26 divverentmove NexuizPack back in, as svn:externals
2009-03-26 divverentremove NexuizPack (will be added in next rev as an...
2009-03-25 divverentmake it work with older Gtk again
2009-03-25 divverentnew awesome feature: the shortcuts list can now be...
2009-03-23 divverentavoid crashing q3map2 if a surface is >99999
2009-03-23 divverentfix a stupid error in moving paths
2009-03-22 divverentQ_mkdir: create parent directories first
2009-03-20 divverentnew argument -celshader, for cel shading without changi...
2009-03-20 divverentremove two mysterious crashes (although I don't know...
2009-03-16 divverentadd DarkPlacesPack (as its license is safe)
2009-03-16 divverentadd an option -fs_homebase to override homebase path...
2009-03-15 divverentsync entities.def
2009-03-13 divverentpicomodel: support OBJs without material groups
2009-03-11 divverentdetect Q2W too
2009-03-11 divverentadd Quake2WorldPack
2009-03-11 divverentbuild menu: use -game nexuiz
2009-03-09 divverentbranch-manager fixes
2009-03-08 divverentcompile fix ;)
2009-03-08 divverenttry indicating the direction of a cut
2009-03-05 divverentkill some broken URLs
2009-03-05 divverentalso support \ path name separator. So much for "all...
2009-03-05 divverentdetect being inside a Nexuiz install from Radiant C...
2009-03-04 divverentremove now unused LeftJustified classs (it is perfectly...
2009-03-04 divverentfix some more crashes (on OS X only)
2009-03-04 divverentand now fix the path in these files
2009-03-04 divverentmove some files where they belong
2009-03-04 divverentfix icon
2009-03-04 divverenttry to fix icns
2009-03-04 divverentOSX: make the app bundle run without fink installed...
2009-03-04 divverentadd command line options:
2009-03-04 divverentfix MD3 model entities crash on OS X (by renaming a...
2009-02-25 divverentfix two other bugs in the same function
2009-02-25 divverentfix a typo on tjunction.c that makes surface "fixing...
2009-02-25 divverenttry to eliminate MAX_MAP_PLANES limits
2009-02-25 divverent-lightmapdir option
2009-02-23 divverentnew insane -tex option to q3map2 -scale; simulates...
2009-02-23 divverentnew splash screen by seeeker, thanks
2009-02-21 divverentdon't count on make predefining $(WINDRES)
2009-02-15 divverentsupport non-uniform -scale
2009-02-15 divverentallow non-uniform -scale
2009-02-14 divverentfix multiple bugs with the limit extension
2009-02-14 divverentfix int overflow in "loof"
2009-02-14 divverentfix hang in tjunction.c
2009-02-12 divverententities update
2009-02-12 divverententirely remove MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES and MAX_EDGE_LINES
2009-02-10 divverent16x MAX_EDGE_LINES, MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES
2009-02-10 divverentSome limits removed by dynamically expanding the arrays...
2009-02-10 divverentretain _q3map2_version worldspawn tag when using -onlyents
2009-02-08 divverentupdate changelog
2009-02-08 divverentmore defensive coding :P
2009-02-08 divverentq3map2: inject the invocation commandline into keys...
2009-02-07 divverent--------------------------------------------------...
2009-02-06 divverenticons by airscout
2009-02-02 divverentuse Firefox, not Netscape
2009-01-15 divverentfix some typos
2009-01-15 divverentinitial OS X app building stuff. May be broken.
2009-01-14 divverentthis needs zlib LIBS on OS X too
2009-01-14 divverentyet another OS X workaround
2009-01-14 divverentreverse order of includes to fix jpeg problems on OS X
2009-01-14 divverentuse "%f" format for angles, prevents weird exponential...
2009-01-14 divverentfix some spam
2009-01-14 divverentfix error
2009-01-09 divverentit now compiles on OS X, but does it work?
2009-01-09 divverentmore makefile fixes for OS X
2009-01-09 divverentno ldd on OS X either
2009-01-09 divverentextra libs workaround
2009-01-09 divverentopengl workaround for os x
2009-01-09 divverentthat option didn't even exist!
2009-01-09 divverentadd pkgconfig dependency
2009-01-09 divverentindent...
2009-01-09 divverentdon't use else ifeq
2009-01-09 divverentdon't use "else ifeq"
2009-01-09 divverentnew entities.def
2009-01-07 divverentautomatically rewrite shortcuts.ini
2009-01-07 divverentmake everything support installdir
2009-01-07 divverentnow using "sed" to cut off the version
2009-01-07 divverentnew stuff... INSTALLDIR
2009-01-07 divverentport some obvious vars from the original SConstruct...
2009-01-07 divverentnew toys :P
2009-01-06 divverentturrets.def
2009-01-06 divverentremove two debug prints
2009-01-05 divverentnew entities.def
2009-01-03 divverentrevert the last commit, instead fix the underlying bug
2009-01-03 divverentfix the translation of entities used by mirroring or...
2009-01-02 divverentnew command: regroup entities.