2011-01-27 Rudolf Polzermore changes by Nikoli
2011-01-27 Rudolf Polzermakefile changes by Nikoli to allow building some parts...
2011-01-26 Rudolf Polzerfix foreground color in console window (patch by Nikoli)
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=435
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzercustom surfaces as used by reaction quake
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzerdetect format error on Import..., and convert (as it...
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzerrename the DwmEnableComposition variable
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=432
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerfix the game_ file to match this q3map2 version
2011-01-20 rambetterIn function AddGamePath() in path_init.c for q3map2,
2011-01-20 Rudolf PolzerAdding game_reaction.h to q3map2. We cannot use "...
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=429
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerremove unnecessary code found by Rambetter
2011-01-13 Rudolf Polzerfix another misapplied diff
2011-01-13 Rudolf Polzermore fixes
2011-01-13 Rudolf Polzerfix compile error
2011-01-12 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=428
2011-01-11 Rudolf Polzeradd missing regression tests in last commit
2011-01-11 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=422
2011-01-08 Rudolf Polzerfix two bugs cppcheck found
2011-01-02 Rudolf Polzertreat entity leak different from entity in solid (the...
2011-01-01 Rudolf Polzerfix these options more
2011-01-01 Rudolf Polzerfix option checking for -grid* options
2010-12-31 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/netradiant
2010-12-31 Rudolf PolzerAuthor: rambetter
2010-12-31 Rudolf Polzeralways chmod the release exe file
2010-12-29 Rudolf Polzergive ViewFront/ViewSide/ViewTop default shortcuts
2010-12-29 Rudolf PolzerAuthor: rambetter
2010-12-29 Rudolf PolzerAuthor: rambetter
2010-12-29 Rudolf Polzersvn r377 by Rambetter:
2010-12-29 Rudolf PolzerAuthor: rambetter
2010-12-28 Rudolf PolzerFix by Rambetter (svn r371):
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzerexplicitly use the -readmap option for converting
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzerbetter help for -convert
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzerchange -convert arguments to get -readmap, -readbsp...
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzermore regression test updates by Rambetter
2010-12-28 Rudolf PolzerAuthor: rambetter
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzermore regression tests from ZeroRadiant
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzermove to the right dir
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzermore regression tests from ZeroRadiant
2010-12-27 Rudolf Polzeruse forward slashes in .mtl files
2010-12-27 Rudolf Polzertake over q3map2 sliver fix from ZeroRadiant trunk...
2010-12-25 Rudolf Polzeralso -deluxemapsastexcoord
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix warnings
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerimproved lightmap handling
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix file extension
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix some file name bugs
2010-12-23 Rudolf PolzerMerge commit 'origin/ailmanki/helpchange'
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzeroption -lightmapsastexcoord to extract lightmap UV
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzermake it callable
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerinitial obj support
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzermake names unique again
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerintermediate commit to add .obj conversion support
2010-12-20 ailmenkiAdd help link to Xonotic wiki.
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzerdon't om nom nom nom away the file you just wrote
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzervars don't work the way I think...
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzermore release-win32 fixes
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzerproperly brand the builds
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzeradd a comment
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzerrelease building: more stuff
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzershorten the file names
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzerfix make release-all
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzera release-all target
2010-12-20 Rudolf Polzeradd makefile targets for source tarballs
2010-12-19 Rudolf Polzerremove a LOT of unused symbols from qgl.cpp
2010-12-18 Rudolf Polzerin "GimpRadiant" mode, make the focused XY view the...
2010-12-18 Rudolf Polzerbe more specific about depcheck errors (show whether...
2010-12-14 Rudolf Polzeradd [BspFile] to be used in compile command lines to...
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerenable WarsowPack and Quake2WorldPack again as their...
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzermore text
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate URL to the netradiant dependencies
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerexplain how to deal with missing DLL
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerfix the start workaround
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerworkaround problems with wget and svn
2010-12-11 Rudolf PolzerPATH trick does not work, so let's ignore the problem...
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerimprove instructions
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate the radiant deps link
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate win32 instructions a bit
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzeron mingw, use the "utils" as path too
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerdefault to Arial 9 on Windows (NOT Courier New 8)
2010-12-11 Rudolf PolzerRevert "fix some more of the weird workarounds"
2010-12-09 Rudolf Polzerfix some more of the weird workarounds
2010-12-09 Rudolf Polzerfix typo
2010-12-09 Rudolf Polzerwe need a fonts.conf file for fontconfig to work on...
2010-12-09 Rudolf Polzeradd an ifdeffed out font size workaround
2010-12-09 Rudolf Polzerbe a little nicer to switching font system at compile...
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzerfix another dll name typo
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzerone more DLL
2010-12-08 Rudolf PolzerRevert "we no longer need fixprefix", because we do...
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzerwe no longer need fixprefix
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzermark the package as outdated
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzercomment out Quake2WorldPack as the server is currently...
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzerupdates to make win32 building work again
2010-12-05 Rudolf Polzerchange UNZIP to UNZIPPER to make OAPack work
2010-12-05 Rudolf Polzerdon't bail out on unzip fail
2010-12-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/divVerent/pangofix'
2010-12-05 Rudolf Polzersupport "real3" as vector type properly
2010-12-02 Rudolf Polzerworkaround for loading broken maps written by ZeroRadia...
2010-11-19 Rudolf Polzerdoc fixes
2010-11-19 Rudolf Polzeralso fix the unhashed case