allow not keeping aspect
[divverent/netradiant.git] / tools /
2009-04-27 divverentallow not keeping aspect
2009-04-27 divverentmake minimap parameters game dependent
2009-04-27 divverentoption -border in minimap
2009-04-27 divverentmsvc shut up
2009-04-27 divverentremove two debug prints
2009-04-27 divverentfix a 0.5 error
2009-04-27 divverentprobabilistic sample dispersion for minimap -samples
2009-04-26 divverenttiny progress indicator fix
2009-04-26 divverentmake -minmax work
2009-04-26 divverentsimplify shader decision logic in MiniMapSetupBrushes
2009-04-26 divverentbetter progress display
2009-04-26 divverentignore nonsolid brushes
2009-04-26 divverentnaming fixes, allow ordered supersampling
2009-04-26 divverentcommand line options for minimap
2009-04-26 divverentbe compatible to nexuiz for minimaps :P
2009-04-26 divverent-minimap is now a main option... to be used on already...
2009-04-25 divverentunfinished -minimap support in bsp.c, do not use yet...
2009-04-23 divverentbugfix in latest change
2009-04-23 divverentless spammy vis output, more useful
2009-04-23 divverentless spammy vis output
2009-04-23 divverentpatches by jal: fix some warnings, and spawnflags 64...
2009-04-21 divverentncrease MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY
2009-04-13 divverentfix two msvc compile errors
2009-04-10 divverentfix a crash in RBSP reading
2009-04-10 divverentadd alias _shadeangle to _smoothnormals
2009-04-05 divverentmore portals on leaf
2009-04-05 divverentmake it output nice looking origin brushes
2009-04-05 divverentcrude origin brush generation when decompiling
2009-04-04 divverentfix decompiling crash
2009-04-04 divverentnew options:
2009-04-03 divverentadd an option -mergeportals to speed up vis, while...
2009-03-31 divverentsome stuff by 27:
2009-03-29 divverentapply all of VorteX's changes except deviance (that...
2009-03-29 divverentVorteX: KeyExists function, cast shadows from func_wall...
2009-03-28 divverentalready apply some safe changes:
2009-03-28 divverentadd a "todo item" directory containing VorteX's patches
2009-03-28 divverentfix q3map2 -scale command line parsing
2009-03-23 divverentfix a stupid error in moving paths
2009-03-22 divverentQ_mkdir: create parent directories first
2009-03-20 divverentnew argument -celshader, for cel shading without changi...
2009-03-20 divverentremove two mysterious crashes (although I don't know...
2009-03-16 divverentadd an option -fs_homebase to override homebase path...
2009-02-25 divverentfix two other bugs in the same function
2009-02-25 divverentfix a typo on tjunction.c that makes surface "fixing...
2009-02-25 divverenttry to eliminate MAX_MAP_PLANES limits
2009-02-25 divverent-lightmapdir option
2009-02-23 divverentnew insane -tex option to q3map2 -scale; simulates...
2009-02-15 divverentsupport non-uniform -scale
2009-02-15 divverentallow non-uniform -scale
2009-02-14 divverentfix multiple bugs with the limit extension
2009-02-14 divverentfix hang in tjunction.c
2009-02-12 divverententirely remove MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES and MAX_EDGE_LINES
2009-02-10 divverent16x MAX_EDGE_LINES, MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES
2009-02-10 divverentSome limits removed by dynamically expanding the arrays...
2009-02-10 divverentretain _q3map2_version worldspawn tag when using -onlyents
2009-02-08 divverentq3map2: inject the invocation commandline into keys...
2009-01-09 divverentit now compiles on OS X, but does it work?
2009-01-06 divverentremove two debug prints
2009-01-02 divverentnew command: regroup entities.
2009-01-01 divverentif an origin brush exists, ALSO take into account the...
2008-12-10 divverentbug fix, sorry, mikeeusa... but make dotproduct*scale...
2008-12-09 divverentfix a warning; NULL out the unused faces of misc_models...
2008-12-09 divverentadd forgotten dotProductScale
2008-11-28 rpolzerdirt: don't treat skybox as solid
2008-11-20 rpolzerSome not THAT memory demanding limits extension;
2008-11-18 rpolzertrivial patch: remove MAX_MAP_DRAW_VERTS limit complete...
2008-11-07 rpolzermore path lengths
2008-11-07 rpolzerfix buffer overrun on current gcc; there may be more...
2008-10-27 rpolzerfix if(...)
2008-10-27 rpolzerq3map2 -convert -format ase -shadersasbitmap option...
2008-10-16 rpolzerfix crash with non-deluxe
2008-10-12 rpolzerSorry, have to undo the limits raising patch by mikeeus...
2008-10-12 rpolzerdeluxe: always use a MINIMUM light contribution from...
2008-10-11 rpolzerremove beeps, fix -dirt* options complaining about...
2008-10-11 rpolzer2x brushes
2008-10-10 rpolzerremove sleeps (problem on win32)
2008-09-30 rpolzerfix deluxemap when lit from the wrong side as good...
2008-09-30 rpolzerfix two deluxemap bugs
2008-09-30 rpolzerremove not-normalized deluxemap support again - it...
2008-09-30 rpolzeradd missing dimension to dirSample
2008-09-26 rpolzerunparse entities for the intermediate .bsp when bouncin...
2008-09-26 rpolzerfix -nodeluxenormalize
2008-09-26 rpolzerTurn some UT stuff into options, as it is broken for...
2008-09-24 rpolzercomplain more loudly about wrong compile flags
2008-09-23 rpolzerwarn warn warn
2008-09-23 rpolzersamplesize warning
2008-09-23 rpolzersamplesize warning
2008-09-23 rpolzerfix dotproduct2
2008-09-22 rpolzer-minsamplesize
2008-09-22 rpolzerdotProduct2scale, dotProductScale shader parameters
2008-09-21 rpolzerlimits raising patch from mikeeusa
2008-09-18 rpolzerfix OpenGL erorr bug on XP software renderer; use svn...
2008-09-17 rpolzers/GtkRadiant/NetRadiant/
2008-09-16 rpolzerthe historic move: getting rid of all visual studio...
2008-09-15 rpolzerremove RSA's md4.c, replace by DP's
2008-09-15 rpolzerfix a typo (why hasn't it surfaced before?)
2008-09-15 rpolzergot rid of libmhash dependency
2008-09-14 rpolzeradd a ChangeLog; remove some Urban Terror debug code
2008-09-14 rpolzeradd the branch-manager for q3map2 too
2008-09-13 rpolzerupdate version strings