Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/weird-shift-a'
[divverent/netradiant.git] / tools / quake3 / q3map2 /
2011-02-14 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/divVerent/weird...
2011-01-30 Rudolf Polzer(by LordHavoc) game_etut uses BSP format version 47 too
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzercustom surfaces as used by reaction quake
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerfix the game_ file to match this q3map2 version
2011-01-20 rambetterIn function AddGamePath() in path_init.c for q3map2,
2011-01-20 Rudolf PolzerAdding game_reaction.h to q3map2. We cannot use "...
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerremove unnecessary code found by Rambetter
2011-01-13 Rudolf Polzerfix another misapplied diff
2011-01-12 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=428
2011-01-11 Rudolf Polzer::zerowing-base=422
2011-01-08 Rudolf Polzerfix two bugs cppcheck found
2011-01-02 Rudolf Polzertreat entity leak different from entity in solid (the...
2011-01-01 Rudolf Polzerfix these options more
2011-01-01 Rudolf Polzerfix option checking for -grid* options
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzerbetter help for -convert
2010-12-28 Rudolf Polzerchange -convert arguments to get -readmap, -readbsp...
2010-12-27 Rudolf Polzeruse forward slashes in .mtl files
2010-12-25 Rudolf Polzeralso -deluxemapsastexcoord
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix warnings
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerimproved lightmap handling
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix file extension
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerfix some file name bugs
2010-12-23 Rudolf PolzerMerge commit 'origin/ailmanki/helpchange'
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzeroption -lightmapsastexcoord to extract lightmap UV
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzermake it callable
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerinitial obj support
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzermake names unique again
2010-12-23 Rudolf Polzerintermediate commit to add .obj conversion support
2010-12-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/divVerent/pangofix'
2010-11-19 Rudolf Polzeralso fix the unhashed case
2010-11-19 Rudolf Polzerminor fix for plane snapping
2010-11-13 Rudolf Polzernew args -meta and -patchmeta to -convert with .map...
2010-11-13 Rudolf Polzeroption -forcereadbsp for -convert to allow forcing...
2010-10-31 Rudolf Polzernew light option -fill to improve lossy compression...
2010-10-30 Rudolf Polzerlocal variables ALSO work better when declared
2010-10-30 Rudolf Polzeradd a floodlightDirectionScale value to the _floodlight...
2010-10-30 Rudolf Polzerno half lambert for xonotic please, it sucks ;)
2010-10-30 Rudolf Polzerno need to artificially limit lightmap position for...
2010-10-30 Rudolf Polzerdirtmapping: PROPERLY prevent hitting sky
2010-10-22 Rudolf Polzerbetter override lightSamplesInsist (-samples +1, +2...
2010-10-22 Rudolf Polzerbe more verbose about randomsamples presets
2010-10-22 Rudolf Polzersupport search box size in randomsamples too (although...
2010-10-21 Rudolf Polzer-randomsamples: special handling of -samples 1, 2,...
2010-10-14 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-13 jalIgnore transparent surfaces when floodlighting
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzerwarn on wrong -convert use, always allow .map input
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzerdon't write the bsp twice when pseudo compiling
2010-10-09 Rudolf PolzerEXPERIMENTAL: make the pseudo compiler able to output...
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzeradd missing EndBSPFile() call
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzer.ase also works from .map!
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzerthe decompiler now can convert .map files too
2010-10-09 Rudolf Polzerinitial code for converting .map to .map
2010-10-08 Rudolf Polzerfix issues with embedded models
2010-10-08 Rudolf Polzerproperly export texdef origin brushes
2010-10-08 Rudolf Polzerfix "bad texdef"
2010-10-07 Rudolf Polzerdecompiler now outputs somewhat correct texdef
2010-10-07 Rudolf Polzerbreak break break ;)
2010-10-07 Rudolf Polzerfix compile errors
2010-10-07 Rudolf Polzerexperimental non-BrushPrimit map decompiling (probably...
2010-10-05 Rudolf PolzerYEAH! I think this fixes the lightmaps-of-patches bug!
2010-10-05 Rudolf Polzerfix some more warnings
2010-10-05 rpolzerq3map2 is now waring free
2010-10-04 rpolzeradd a missing VectorClear
2010-10-03 Rudolf Polzeruse a Gaussian-like random distribution for random...
2010-10-03 Rudolf Polzeralso subsample the deluxemap (this was forgotten all...
2010-10-03 Rudolf Polzeroption -randomsamples: makes -samples use adaptive...
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzerfix bugs in skin load code
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzerfix segfault
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzerskinfiles: use the VFS
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzerfix warnings
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzersupport .skin files for models (modelname_<n>.skin...
2010-09-27 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-09-27 Rudolf Polzerremove some unused code
2010-09-27 Rudolf Polzerremove some debug code that is potentially dangerous
2010-09-23 Rudolf Polzermore deluxemap+surfacelight fixes
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerforce subsampling only where REALLY needed
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerfix compile error
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerforce going all the way down when subsampling grates
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerforce the first stage of subsampling on luxels that...
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzertry to help subsampling with grates
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerdeluxemapping: ignore light contribution from the other...
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzernew funny option: -samplessearchboxsize, tunes the...
2010-09-22 Rudolf Polzerfix the maths REALLY
2010-09-21 Rudolf Polzerfix a small math error in -samples causing it to only...
2010-09-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/merlijn/osx-compile'
2010-09-01 Rudolf Polzerdo not break tjunctions :P
2010-09-01 Rudolf Polzeranother debug print
2010-09-01 Rudolf Polzerimprove area calculation by a shift width to simulate...
2010-09-01 Rudolf Polzerfavor blocky triangles over thin triangles a bit
2010-08-31 Rudolf Polzerbsp: new option -maxarea, selects more GPU friendly...
2010-08-08 Rudolf Polzerdo not REPEATEDLY blow up _skybox surfaces
2010-08-07 Rudolf Polzervfspk3 in q3map2: also support -fs_forbiddenpath
2010-07-30 Rudolf PolzerCRLF
2010-07-30 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-25 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'icculus/master'
2010-07-18 Rudolf Polzercrlf fixes
2010-07-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'refs/remotes/origin/parasti/connec...
2010-07-16 Rudolf Polzerfix a nasty bug breaking "deformvertexes move"
2010-07-11 jalMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-11 jalOn grid lighting, redistribute the 25% of the floodligh...