ownerRudolf Polzer
last changeWed, 12 Jan 2011 19:41:24 +0000 (19:41 +0000)
2011-01-12 divverentmake infobar height configurable master trunk
2011-01-11 divverentfix the latest fix to Font_IndexForSize
2011-01-11 divverentfix a data type in Font_IndexForSize
2011-01-07 vortexdrawcolorcodedstring: support full 6 parms (added start...
2011-01-07 vortexAdded wasfreed() to menuqc builtinlist. Hushed "VM_bufs...
2011-01-03 divverentget rid of more clang warnings
2011-01-03 divverentget rid of clang warnings for SETPVSBIT/CLEARPVSBIT
2011-01-02 divverentfix a warning by clang
2011-01-02 vortexBetter perspective effect for SPR_OVERHEAD, added globa...
2010-12-29 divverentfix a stupid extra declaration in the glsl shader
2010-12-29 divverentfix the overflow checks in snd_ogg to handle different...
2010-12-27 divverentfix a bug in special character translation leading...
2010-12-26 divverentfix handling of the restart-animation bit
2010-12-26 divverentavgcolor calculation: also calculate alpha for DXT3
2010-12-25 divverentshut down a lot of startup developer spam
2010-12-25 divverentless unix terminal spam if developer <= 0 (should this...
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