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[divverent/darkplaces.git] / utf8lib.h
2009-12-29 divverentmake the utf8 casting strict aliasing-safe
2009-12-29 divverentimprove the just added macros to not cause anything...
2009-12-29 divverentfactor out the non-utf8 part of u8_get*char into macros
2009-12-25 divverentutf8: add VM_sprintf support
2009-12-23 divverentremove unneeded include
2009-12-23 divverentadditionally include stdint.h on non-MSVC too
2009-12-23 divverentmake utf8 functions safer: give them a size limit in...
2009-12-23 blub... forgot to add the files, I'm too used to git now :P