patch from div0 to fix issues with libcurl on old nexuiz servers
[divverent/darkplaces.git] / libcurl.c
2007-03-26 havocpatch from div0 to fix issues with libcurl on old nexui...
2007-02-27 havocfix missing { character
2007-02-27 havocuse CVAR_SAVE not 1 for flags on curl cvars
2007-02-23 havocpatch from div0 that makes curl downloads stay connecte...
2006-11-12 havocpatch from div0 to fix a segfault in curl support when...
2006-08-19 havocpatch from div to fix icc warnings
2006-08-14 havocpatch from div0:
2006-06-28 sajtPatch from div0 to fix skyboxes in downloaded maps
2006-06-09 havocanother curl message patch from div0
2006-06-09 havoclibcurl.2.dylib is apparently compatible for our purpos...
2006-06-09 havocanother patch from div0 to curl messages
2006-06-09 havocfix for continuously spewed curl error messages
2006-06-09 havocoops, forgot these