Removed references to r_particles.c
[divverent/darkplaces.git] / darkplaces.dsp
2002-03-14 molivierRemoved references to r_particles.c
2002-02-18 molivierUpdated DSP file
2002-02-04 molivierUpdated DSP file. Fixed a bunch of warnings with MSVC6
2002-02-01 molivierRemoved warnings in MSVC6. Updated the DSP file.
2002-01-25 molivierUpdated MSVC6 project files. Vanilla MSVC6 doesn't...
2002-01-16 lordhavocupdated project to match added/removed files
2001-12-05 molivierUpdated MSVC6 project files
2001-11-06 molivierAdded MSVC6 project files