remove another unused variable
[divverent/darkplaces.git] /
2010-05-01 divverentsame modification to the darkplaces-dedicated project
2009-09-14 havocuse winsock2 to fix linker errors
2009-04-12 havocadded hmac.[ch] and cap_avi.[ch] and cap_ogg.[ch] to...
2008-06-17 havocfixed the .dev file for dedicated server
2006-06-11 havocremoved crosshair_static cvar (now only the hud crossha...
2006-05-29 molivierUpdated Dev-C++ project files
2005-06-08 molivierUpdated Dev-C++ project files
2005-03-03 molivier- Toggled "strip executable" in the Dev-C++ project...