Tomaz cleaned up some double ;; lines (strange stuff)
[divverent/darkplaces.git] / .cvsignore
2004-05-12 havocnow ignores darkplaces-sdl and darkplaces-dedicated...
2004-02-06 warpThis is your key system, this is your key system after...
2002-07-08 havocupdated .cvsignore so it ignores darkplaces-3dfx and...
2002-05-21 lordhavocignore various MSVC files (.opt, .plg, .ncb) and .exe
2002-05-21 lordhavocignore .o files
2001-07-20 taniwhaignore ChangeLog
2001-05-30 taniwhacompile dependencies
2000-09-26 taniwhaignore darkplaces-glx