2002-11-05 Dana Jansensupdated doxygen documentation
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinitialize the _doshutdown member
2002-11-04 Dana Jansenscomplete the change from window.cc/hh to bbwindow.cc/hh
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensmoving window.cc/hh to bbwindow.cc/hh since we'll have...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdeal with client events in the same way now
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensxeventhandler can handle everything except client messa...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensnew OBTimer interface
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensfix for documentation
2002-11-04 Dana JansensOBTimer is fully documented.
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinclude the right .hh!
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinclude the timer manager class header
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensmake doxygen skip stuff inside
2002-11-04 Dana Jansenssplit the OBTimerQueueManager and TimerQueue into their...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumenting classes!
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumented
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensnot using a custom stlyesheet anymore
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensadd doxygen to the project. 'make doc' builds the doxyg...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensstop using the Utf8 functions. will use them later...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmissing include
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timer infrastructure. takes a function pointer...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmake it shutdown on signals
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensread rc3 as the default file now
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timers, timer manager
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensfix compiling in display.
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensue default scope timevals
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensadd comment
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmove Rect and PointerAssassin into the toolkit
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensadd an OBDisplay class and the old ScreenInfo class...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensinclude the new screeninfo.o
2002-11-03 Dana Jansenssplit the screeninfo class out to its own files
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensgettext is ready to rock and roll
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensupdated with goals for 3.0
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensnot using admin/ dir anymore
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensstupid stuff
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensput 'cvs' in the version tag
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake strings in main.cc translatable
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd cvs ignores for the new dirs
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake gettext better. updates for autoconf
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensdont have any languages yet
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd some text files..
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd gettext
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensupdate configure.ac to newer rules
2002-11-01 Dana Jansenslibtool stuff
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake compile again
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd a cvsignore for otk.
2002-11-01 Marius Nitatoolkit addition
2002-11-01 Marius Nitachanged for toolkit
2002-11-01 Marius Nitachanged to reflect toolkit change
2002-11-01 Marius Nitamoved files into otk
2002-11-01 Marius Nitaoops
2002-11-01 Marius Nitaadding toolkit beginnings
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensno more epist compiling
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake bsetroot compile with the new codebase
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensthese files are generated by bootstrap
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake epist compile with the new code base
2002-10-31 Dana Jansenslook for a CC to make automake happy
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensconfigure script changed to .ac
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensbig fat commit..
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensadd comment for later
2002-10-31 Dana Jansenscompiles now. uses xft2
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensrmove old convert.awk
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensrming all the nls bullshit. gettext.
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensrename, remove bullshit. ya
2002-10-31 Dana Jansensno more menus, at last. woop
2002-10-26 Scott MoynesTake menu file from rc file if it isn't specified on...
2002-10-26 Scott MoynesIgnore dot files in the styles directory.
2002-10-24 Dana Jansenstake out useless(?) assert
2002-10-23 Scott MoynesAllow variable tinting of the shadow. Use *.xft.tint...
2002-10-19 Scott Moynesbumped up version
2002-10-17 Scott Moynesuse drop shadow height in the font height.
2002-10-17 Scott Moynesxft drawing on offsets once and for all
2002-10-17 Scott Moynesfixed the drop shadow window clearing bug in Basemenu
2002-10-17 Scott MoynesFix XFT redraw of text. Still needs slight work for...
2002-10-16 Scott MoynesAllow for customizing of the dropShadows.
2002-10-16 Scott Moynesmake an *xft.flags: shadow flag to have per style resou...
2002-10-14 Marius Nitaspit an error when no config file is found, to avoid...
2002-10-14 Marius Nitabugfixes update
2002-10-14 Marius Nitamore fixes, better sanity detection and error messages...
2002-10-14 Marius NitaFixing the stupid case when an invalid key is given...
2002-10-14 Marius Nitaadded user option to modify raise behavior when stacked...
2002-10-08 Scott Moynesfixed typo
2002-10-04 Scott Moynestyop
2002-10-04 Scott Moynesdocumentation for 2.2
2002-10-04 Scott Moynesoops. fix workspace warping merge buglet
2002-10-04 Scott Moynesupdated changelog for 2.2 release
2002-10-04 Scott Moynesadded documentation for the pressed focus/unfocus and...
2002-10-03 Scott MoynesAdded style resources for window.button.pressed.focus...
2002-10-02 Scott Moynesadding latvian translation
2002-10-02 Scott MoynesAdded latvian (lv_LV) translation from 2_1 branch
2002-10-01 Scott Moynesremove debug code in window menu placement
2002-10-01 Scott Moynesmerged with 2_1-merged-to-HEAD-2002-09-30
2002-10-01 Scott Moynessnap a window menu to the bottom of the screen if it...
2002-10-01 Scott Moynesfixed menu placement on menus with very small windows
2002-09-30 Marius Nitachanges to reflect the improvements to the error report...
2002-09-30 Marius Nitaunignore yacc/lex generated files. we don't want to...
2002-09-22 Marius NitaFix small compile error on g++3.
2002-09-17 Scott MoynesAdded titlebar layout documentation
2002-09-16 Scott Moynesfixed tyop
2002-09-15 Scott MoynesDocumented bitmap buttons in manpage