2003-05-21 Dana Jansensadd 'movetoedge' actions
2003-05-21 Dana Jansensadd xerror.h
2003-05-21 Dana JansensOpenbox3 in the WM name, FUCK OFF XINE, YA YOU HEARD ME.
2003-05-21 Dana Jansensallocate the border_color's gc
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensput the devation back how it used to be, it aws definat...
2003-05-20 Derek Foremanof by one error in pyramid, rectangle, and crosspipe
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensremove debug prints
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensreindent the file....
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensremove the elliptic gradient type.
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensuse the rectangle gradient when the theme asks for...
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensargh put it back right!*(
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensfuck it, put it back
2003-05-20 Dana Jansenssmarter default debug value :)
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensdefault debug off (for non-cvs builds!)
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensignore errors when playing with application defined...
2003-05-19 Dana Jansensget the size for all the apps before positioning them
2003-05-19 Dana Jansensset teh dock sizes before the app uses it for positioning
2003-05-19 Dana Jansenscenter dock apps
2003-05-19 Dana Jansensadd fifo_menu shit
2003-05-19 Dana Jansensuse the resize increment when resizing relative
2003-05-19 Dana Jansens2 in 1 again..
2003-05-18 Scott MoynesAdded a fifo_menu plugin
2003-05-18 Derek ForemanPipeCross
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanthere's the rect grad. now stop bugging me :(
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanis that a rectangle grad? damned if I know
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensmake icons use pixel32 data, and image_draw takes pixel...
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensinclude grab.h
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanwhatever, it's a junk file.
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanchange badly named offsets
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanrename poorly named offsets
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanadd stubs for pipecross and rectangle
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanfix poor naming of default offset
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanfix poor naming of the default offset
2003-05-18 Scott Moynesthis is actually xor :) - fixing the focus search funct...
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensproper check to see if something was raised, the it...
2003-05-18 Dana Jansens2 in 1 deal :\
2003-05-18 Scott MoynesIndentation stuff
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensactually optional now.
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensmake LIBSN optional
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensgrab the mouse during focus cycling. this removes the...
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensneed the libsn flags
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensneeds the libsn flags to use openbox.h now
2003-05-18 Scott MoynesClean up on destroy.
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensadd (optional) support for showing a busy cursor via...
2003-05-18 Scott MoynesAdded stat() based timed menu update.
2003-05-17 Dana Jansensdisallow drag events on title buttons.
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensprint the class not the name
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensget all the strings!
2003-05-16 Dana Jansenssave the dock's class/name for future evil purposes!
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensdiscourage floating a bit, capitalize better.
2003-05-16 Dana JansensFUCK dock is not an array anymore!
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensgive the dock a strut and use it
2003-05-16 Scott MoynesFixed child wait.
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensremove debug prints
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensdockapps are ObWindows now.
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensadd stdio.h
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensrename "Slit" to "Dock".
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensadd anotehr stacking_add function.
2003-05-16 Dana Jansensmovnig shit around
2003-05-14 Dana Jansenswatch out for not loading the timed_menu plugin
2003-05-14 Dana Jansenspass teh correct values for config notify events
2003-05-14 Scott MoynesAdded a menu to read from a pipe.
2003-05-11 Dana Jansenswatch out for stacking_list
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensadd opaque move/resize to the rc3
2003-05-11 Dana Jansenswas using the frame window in the stacking list hint
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensadd internal popups n shit to the stacking list.
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensrm comment for shit i fixed
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensupdated... it sucks tho anyways
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensnot everything in the stacking_list is a client anymore
2003-05-11 Dana JansensMenus put themselves into the stacking list.
2003-05-11 Dana JansensClients Menus and Slits are all 'ObWindow's now.
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensgarb press events so they dont break bindings... X...
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensgrab button events on the slit so they dont go through...
2003-05-11 Dana Jansensuse the size of the icon window for slit apps, not...
2003-05-11 Dana Jansenscleanups
2003-05-11 Dana Jansenscan drag slit-apps around in the slit
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensadd autohiding to the slit
2003-05-10 Dana Jansenssome slit fixes, support resizing slitapps
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensrm the tools dir
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensrm this garbage...
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensadd a slit to the kernel
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensignore the build shit
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensadd the sgml dir
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensmake the client menu not have a title
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensbe more careful about ignoring focusin/out event pairs
2003-05-10 Scott Moynestyop
2003-05-10 Scott MoynesTurn off timed_menu by default
2003-05-10 Scott MoynesTimed menu that reads output from a process while the...
2003-05-10 Scott Moyneswhitespace
2003-05-09 Scott Moynesfixor
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensnice merge
2003-05-09 Scott MoynesMenu uber patch
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensadd a client_activate function, use it for net_wm_activ...
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensunshade windows when you cycle focus to them
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensadd shit that i made in the last week!
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensall my changes while i was offline.
2003-04-30 Marius Nitathoughts and shit
2003-04-28 Dana Jansensmove windows before calcing struts. watch for windows...
2003-04-27 Dana Jansensa more correct for the missing frame problem. don't...
2003-04-27 Dana Jansenswatch for windows without frames, they can be in the...