Add include of cairo.h when using librsvg
[dana/openbox.git] / tools /
2015-03-03 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-10-28 Mikael MagnussonUse GString for appending strings
2010-05-12 Dana Jansensshow empty properties in obxprop
2010-05-12 Dana Jansensparse number values write in a hex string in obxprop
2010-05-12 Dana Jansensadvance while parsing a hex input in obxprop
2010-02-17 Dana Jansensrevamp the autostart functionality, so autostart apps...
2010-01-11 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2010-01-11 Dana JansensWhen a user id is specified, or --root, use the ID...
2010-01-08 Mikael MagnussonPass NULL, not 0, handle invalid --id better.
2010-01-08 Mikael Magnussonobxprop: Add ability to limit listing to given properties
2010-01-08 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2010-01-06 Dana JansensAdd a --root option for obxprop
2009-12-21 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2009-12-21 Dana JansensRename obprop to obxprop (Fixes bug #4419)
2009-12-14 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2009-12-14 Dana JansensAdd an obprop tool which can print UTF-8 strings proper...
2009-12-12 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2009-12-10 Miroslav LichvarFix a typo in xdg-autostart
2009-01-29 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'backport' into work
2009-01-29 Mikael MagnussonTypos in error message from gdm-control
2008-03-02 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'backport' into work
2008-03-02 Dana Jansensdisplay the NotShowIn stuff correctly
2008-03-02 Dana Jansensan else disappeared somehow
2008-03-02 Dana Jansenssome modifications to xdg-autostart based on suggestion...
2008-03-02 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2008-03-02 Dana Jansensadd a gdm-control tool that lets you..control..gdm..
2008-02-14 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'backport' into work
2008-02-11 Dana Jansensusing () for a class that doesn't inherit breaks old...
2008-02-10 Dana Jansensgrammar hammer
2008-02-10 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport'
2008-02-10 Dana Jansensmake xdg-autostart check for PyXDG and print a better...
2008-02-10 Dana Jansensmake an xdg-autostart script. it is very fancy.
2007-06-07 Mikael Magnussonmissed a spot
2007-06-07 Mikael Magnussonback xml themes out of trunk
2007-06-05 Dana Jansensborder, not borderwidth.
2007-06-05 Dana Jansensadd osd border stuff
2007-06-05 Dana Jansensadd osd theme elements
2007-06-02 Dana Jansensthere add new separator colors complete
2007-06-02 Dana Jansensadd new separator colors
2007-06-02 Dana Jansensrename activedisabled in xml to active-disabled
2007-06-02 Dana Jansensrename old xrbd activedisabled to active.disabled
2007-05-28 Dana Jansens(no commit message)
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensrelocate the xsd's so they don't clash, and point to...
2007-05-11 Dana Jansensthis is nothing but to add a commit message..
2007-05-11 Dana Jansensadd support for these...
2007-05-11 Dana Jansensgive different border colors to active and inactive...
2007-05-07 Dana Jansensmisparsing of rgb:4/5/6 colors
2007-05-07 Dana Jansensadd the 'engine="box"' to the theme format, and require...
2007-05-05 Dana Jansensadd support for the menu.items.activedisabled.text...
2007-05-05 Dana Jansenschanges to the client menu, which entries are there...
2007-03-30 Mikael Magnussonyou didn't say no
2007-03-28 Dana Jansensmore updates for toggled states. also updating the...
2007-03-28 Dana Jansensadd toggled-pressed and toggled-hover button states...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensscale the shadows up, they were /100 before, now they...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansenswas looking for menu items font in the wrong place
2007-03-05 Dana Jansenspoint and padding became redundant.. do remove padding...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensscary commit..but here goes.
2007-03-05 Dana Jansenskde systray applications no longer need the tray proxy...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensadd the themetoxml tool ! yay
2007-03-04 Dana Jansensadd comment explaining what this tool is for. new theme...
2007-02-20 Mikael Magnussonmaybe this works then
2007-02-20 Mikael Magnussonthis should do it
2006-08-31 Mikael Magnussonremove .cvsignore files
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonyay no tabs in the source
2003-10-11 Dana Jansensfix warnings
2003-09-18 Dana Jansensrename gnomepanelproxy to gnome-panel-control
2003-09-18 Dana Jansensadd gnomepanelproxy
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensno tabs
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensadd copyright headers, adjust --version output to inclu...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenswarn about the right shit
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensbigtime theme changes. bigtime.
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensobconf is moving into its own tree
2003-09-01 Dana Jansenssome stuff is exact
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensremove menu.bullet from themes
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensshow errors on stderr
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensnicer usage output
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensglobal valid
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensmore checks, for pixelsize fonts
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensadd more checks, for fonts, and for missing stuff
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensupdate oldschool .xft.font options from ob2
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensenable all the tests
2003-09-01 Dana Jansenscheck for oldschool fonts
2003-09-01 Dana Jansenscheck window.button.pressed
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensthemeupdate already fixes some recent changes
2003-08-03 Dana Jansensadd more widgets to the main window
2003-08-02 Dana Jansenshas a pane and list and workarea
2003-08-02 Dana Jansenshas a menu and a treeview
2003-08-02 Dana Jansensmissing sys/time.h
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensadd the kdetrayproxy tool
2003-07-31 Dana Jansensdont inlcude these headers they arent needed yet
2003-07-26 Dana Jansensmake errors non-modal
2003-07-26 Dana Jansensrestarting work on obconf
2003-07-24 Dana Jansensuse ob_debug for any debug printing and only display...
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensupdate the build system, using a single
2003-06-29 Dana Jansensprepare for alpha1 release.
2003-05-24 Dana Jansensthis is a big one! im putting stats in here just cuz!
2003-05-10 Dana Jansensrm this garbage...
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensadd shit that i made in the last week!
2003-03-21 Dana Jansensrm the obsetroot tool and the wrap shit from swig
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensrm the warnings for now