Merge branch 'backport' into work
[dana/openbox.git] / themes /
2008-01-31 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport' into work
2008-01-25 Dana Jansensadd the new Clearlooks theme by mulberry, and rename...
2008-01-20 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport'
2008-01-11 Dana Jansensupdated clearlooks theme from John McKnight
2007-06-15 Dana Jansensfade out disabled buttonsx
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensupdate onyx themes
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensadd shadows on inactive windows
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensrevert change to theme.. *^^*
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensfix when 1or2px splitvertical
2007-06-09 Dana Jansenssmall tweak for nonfocused windows? i dont think they...
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensbetter buttons for inactive windows - no hover and...
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensadd onyx themes to install. make non-active stuff grey
2007-06-08 Dana Jansensadd Onyx themes!?!
2007-06-08 Mikael Magnussonadd a hover for pressed
2007-06-07 Mikael Magnussonback xml themes out of trunk
2007-06-04 Mikael Magnussonupdate my theme
2007-05-31 Mikael Magnussonunupdate syscrash theme
2007-05-31 Mikael Magnussonupdate Syscrash theme
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensoops revert my testing changes to clearlooks! !
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensfix the bottom decor stuff for maximized windows. kill...
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensrelocate the xsd's so they don't clash, and point to...
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensremove buttons from themes when they are using the...
2007-05-11 Dana Jansensadd support for these...
2007-05-11 Dana Jansensgive different border colors to active and inactive...
2007-05-07 Dana Jansensadd the 'engine="box"' to the theme format, and require...
2007-05-05 Dana Jansenschanges to the client menu, which entries are there...
2007-05-02 Dana Jansenscapitalize the theme names
2007-05-02 Dana Jansensadd new Clearlooks themes. Make Clearlooks the default...
2007-03-28 Dana Jansensmore updates for toggled states. also updating the...
2007-03-14 Dana Jansenssyscrash changed his theme up
2007-03-05 Mikael Magnussonupdate my theme
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensput artists original comments back into the themes...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensmissed updating this one
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensproper shadow tint values
2007-03-05 Dana Jansenstheme converter had a bug! menu item font is parsed...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensfollow new xsd
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensscary commit..but here goes.
2006-08-31 Mikael Magnussonremove .cvsignore files
2006-08-24 Mikael Magnussonminor tweak
2006-08-24 Mikael Magnussonrename osx to mirrorhorizontal and split to splitvertic...
2006-08-18 Mikael Magnussonadd new themes
2006-08-18 Mikael Magnussonremove old themes
2003-10-11 Dana Jansensuse vera for the font in blah41 and make the size nicer
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensupstream updates for TheBear
2003-09-24 Dana Jansensgive disabled active buttons a different color from...
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensfix to be up-to-date with the theme spec
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensrequested update from safarial
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensbigtime theme changes. bigtime.
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensupdates for thebear from merry
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensadd a menu overlap and smaller font size for the menu...
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensadd/fix themes for 3.0
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensremove these themes
2003-08-22 Dana Jansensoffset of 1 is default
2003-08-22 Dana Jansensshrink font by a pixel to make the button bitmaps line...
2003-08-22 Dana Jansensmake focus and unfocus fonts for window titles. change...
2003-08-20 Dana Jansensshrink the handles
2003-08-02 Dana Jansensadd disabled button styles (from miklos)
2003-08-02 Dana Jansensadd the om4ob theme
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensrename stick bitmaps to desk
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensremove old stuff
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensremove old _data shit
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensrenamed the _t bitmaps, and added disabled and hover...
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensmake themes inside a directory
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensupdate the build system, using a single
2003-06-29 Dana Jansensprepare for alpha1 release.
2003-06-28 Dana Jansensignore the generated makefiles
2003-06-28 Dana Jansensadd the makefiles for the themes' data dirs
2003-06-28 Dana Jansensadjust the themes with buttons to match how they are...
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensback to automake
2003-04-13 Dana Jansenscomment properly
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensmove the themes
2003-04-03 Dana Jansensnew build system without automake
2003-04-03 Dana Jansenscomment stuff correctly for xresources
2003-03-22 Dana Jansensfix the ebox root cmd
2003-03-22 Dana Jansensadd the ebox style
2003-03-22 Dana Jansensadd the buttons for the fieron theme
2003-03-22 Dana Jansensadd the buttons for the fieron2 theme
2003-03-16 Dana Jansensmerge the C branch into HEAD