restart and catch errors appropriately
[dana/openbox.git] / src /
2003-03-16 Dana Jansensmerge the C branch into HEAD
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenstime to refactor shit hard
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenscatch button presses on the client border (the plate...
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensmap to the highest possible desktop if a desktop too...
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensonly map on a requested desktop if its not out of range
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenslabels are higher than buttons too
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenssurface's have a size not a width()/height()
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenslabels are not the size of buttons
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensmake labels' parent relative actually work :>
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensmake parentrelative decorations work
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensdont assume only 5 mouse buttons.
2003-02-19 Dana Jansenslet any number of mouse buttons work
2003-02-19 Dana Jansensadd the new '-remote' option. let the dispatchEvents...
2003-02-18 Dana Jansenstypo!
2003-02-18 Dana Jansenswatch for case where we think one button is pressed...
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensadjust to the new format for otk::Proeprty::get() funct...
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensprovide a function to return all the desktop names...
2003-02-17 Dana Jansenscheck for no screens before asserting
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensdont need preprocessor shit for swig
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensadd support for the openbox_restack_window message.
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensthis has been moved to wrap/
2003-02-17 Dana Jansenss/False/false/
2003-02-17 Dana Jansensrm the SWIG ifdefs
2003-02-17 Dana Jansenskill the typedef
2003-02-16 Dana Jansenssupport for pixmap icons, kwm_win_icon and the icon...
2003-02-16 Dana Jansenskeep track of the kwm_win_icon property
2003-02-16 Dana Jansenssupply more information about errors when running scripts
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensadjust how the config is loaded. it is not loaded at...
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensorder things to work correctly for now, with the python...
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensexecute files such that i can track if an exception...
2003-02-16 Dana Jansenswhen python_exec fails on
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensimport the config module properly.
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensstill draw the background when no text will fit
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensput the desktop names in the right variable
2003-02-16 Derek ForemanFixed a bug in grab handling for chains
2003-02-15 Dana Jansensdont provide a default icon in the python stuff, itll...
2003-02-14 Dana JansensAdd the "obsetroot" tool. Use it to set the root backgr...
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensrm shit that no longer applies
2003-02-14 Dana Jansenscheck if the window is focused before unfocusing it
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensjust because we think we're focused doesnt mean we...
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensuse an icon smaller than the surface if possible
2003-02-14 Dana Jansenskill debug prints
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensdont put DEBUG: in the printf
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensadd a default icon
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensrm debug print
2003-02-14 Dana Jansenslayout the titlebar right, was adding too much space...
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensadd a Config class with config data from the scripts.
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensput the Python.h header in the .cc
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensonly keep fullscreen windows in the top layer when...
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensdisplay icons in the frame titlebar!
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensdoc _layer.
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensnotify the frame when the desktop changes
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensshow state with the alldesktops and max buttons
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensbuttons press!
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensreadd titlebar buttons. but they dont press yet
2003-02-13 Dana Jansensclear the stringlist before populating it
2003-02-12 Dana Jansensproper order for headers
2003-02-11 Dana Jansensfree the surfaces' pixeldata after rendering it
2003-02-11 Dana Jansensnew key code with keyboard grabs and such, thanks to...
2003-02-11 Dana Jansensadd a comment regarding the client.area() being not...
2003-02-11 Dana Jansensmake stacked cycling work without a modifier-key bindin...
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensprovide access to the desktop names
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensinitialize the net_showing_desktop hint
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensmore user friendly net_showing_desktop support
2003-02-10 Dana Jansenssmarter focus restoring
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensfocus the desktop when entering show-desktop-mode,...
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensshow desktop mode works!
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensrm some old commented code
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensadd support for desktop layouts specified by pagers
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensrm a debug print
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensstop using a desktop number for iconic windows. woot!
2003-02-10 Dana Jansenskeep track of struts for each desktop
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensrm debug prints
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensmodal works like a charm now
2003-02-10 Dana Jansenskeep things in min/max bounds properly
2003-02-09 Dana Jansensuse the c++ std cheaders
2003-02-09 Dana Jansenssigned ints instead of unsigned ints again. less pain...
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensremove includes for widgetbase.hh. fix bug with circula...
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensthis is no longer used
2003-02-08 Dana Jansenssplit the move and resize on the client window
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensformatting
2003-02-08 Dana JansensNo longer using otk widgets for the frame decorations.
2003-02-07 Dana Jansenscompress motion events better
2003-02-07 Dana Jansenscompress config req's
2003-02-06 Dana Jansensmake "make dist" work, compiler flags cleanups
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensonly show prints for debug builds
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensnew swig build system. much better. yay.
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensmake sure windows aren't doing things they aren't allow...
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensadd the headers
2003-02-04 Dana Jansenscompile fix
2003-02-04 Dana Jansenswatch for bad actions and contexts
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensadd an assert to catch bad stuff from the python
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensupdate comment
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensmake python config variables very visible by making...
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensall new stacked cycling code. so much sexy.
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensrm debug prints
2003-02-04 Dana Jansenscall getState() before updateTransientFor(), don't...
2003-02-04 Dana Jansensmake this focus shit not buggy again..
2003-02-03 Dana Jansensinitialize _modal, its used before the window's type...
2003-02-03 Dana Jansenshandle modal windows better (bugfixes).