8bpp pseudo color. it's horrid code. the graphics are horrid.
[dana/openbox.git] / otk / pseudorendercontrol.hh
2003-02-14 Derek Foreman8bpp pseudo color. it's horrid code. the graphics...
2003-02-12 Dana Jansensonly store what we need to in the class
2003-02-12 Dana Jansensstart of pseudo init
2003-02-12 Dana Jansenskill all the old commented vars in rendercontrol.hh
2003-02-12 Dana Jansensmake all the rendering code in RenderControl. use true...
2003-02-11 Dana Jansensstart on the rendering images code
2003-02-03 Dana Jansenssupport pseudocolor and greyscale displays by, using...
2003-02-03 Dana Jansensadd pseudorendercontrol