Avoid anonymous unions
[dana/openbox.git] / openbox / actions / desktop.c
2009-03-29 Mikael MagnussonAvoid anonymous unions
2008-10-29 Mikael MagnussonBring helper windows when following a window.
2008-03-08 Mikael MagnussonRemove double newlines.
2008-03-02 Mikael MagnussonSuper miniscule optimization.
2008-02-02 Dana Jansensif windows on screen are going to be moved, then do...
2007-09-04 Mikael MagnussonANSI function declarations, ie () -> (void)
2007-08-04 Dana Jansensshow a popup notification when switching desktops ...
2007-07-17 Mikael Magnussonremove trailing whitespace
2007-07-14 Mikael Magnussonprevious should not mean the same as last
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensrename switchtodesktop to gotodesktop. make stuff...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove desktop and directionaldesktop actions to SwitchTo...
2007-06-23 Dana Jansenslet you send windows with the desktop and directionalde...
2007-06-22 Dana Jansenslet you use "last" in desktop action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd directionaldesktop action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the desktop action