Don't ever give borders to windows that didnt have them before by making them "undeco...
[dana/openbox.git] / m4 / x11.m4
2007-04-24 Dana Jansensadd check for the Sync extension
2006-08-22 Mikael Magnussonjust make configure --help output slightly less confusi...
2006-06-11 Mikael Magnussonrip out the VIDMODE extension stuff. this was only...
2004-11-07 Mikael Magnussonjust some fixes to the autoconf stuff
2003-08-23 Dana Jansensbetter ac macro usage
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmake session management optional
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensall my changes while i was offline.
2003-04-06 Dana Jansensbuild fixes for finding Xlibs and for setting vars...
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensnew swig build system. much better. yay.
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensadd comment
2003-01-14 Dana Jansenscheck for XftGetVersion
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensmy newer better autoconf functions. woowoo
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensadd X_DEVEL and XFT_DEVEL m4 functions