Combine the Exit and SessionLogout actions
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2009-11-25 Dana JansensCombine the Exit and SessionLogout actions
2008-03-02 Dana Jansensadd a gdm-control tool that lets you..control..gdm..
2008-03-02 Dana Jansensadd a SessionLogout action
2008-02-28 Dana Jansensadd the to the dist targz instead of...
2008-02-28 Dana Jansensinclude the xdg-autostart script in the dist targz
2008-02-28 Dana Jansensmake the xdg-autostart script get installed to PREFIX...
2008-02-14 Dana JansensIntroducing the icon cache.
2008-02-14 Dana Jansensyou can create dialog windows called "prompts" which...
2008-02-10 Dana Jansensmake an xdg-autostart script. it is very fancy.
2008-01-25 Dana Jansensadd the new Clearlooks theme by mulberry, and rename...
2008-01-16 Dana Jansenscan tell when a window that was "closed" has stopped...
2007-08-02 Dana Jansensremove focus-stealing-prevention stuff, don't use user_...
2007-07-21 Dana Jansensupdate for the new autopoint
2007-07-14 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-07-14 Dana Jansenssplit the focustobottom action back out from unfocus
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensthe menu.c was renamed
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensmove directionalcycling actions into the same .c file...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensrename switchtodesktop to gotodesktop. make stuff...
2007-07-13 Dana Jansensredo the maximize actions into maximize/unmaximize...
2007-07-12 Dana Jansensadding trunk
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensrenaming movetofromedge->movetoedge and moveto->moveres...
2007-07-11 Dana Jansensdon't include debian dir in releases
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd the "if" action
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd the growtoedge action
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd moveto/fromedge actions
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd the layer action
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd dockautohide action
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd the adddesktop and removedesktop actions
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd resizerelative action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd directionaldesktop action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the desktop action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the decorations action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the resize action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the directionaltargetwindow action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the directionalcyclewindows action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd omnipresent action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the kill/close/cyclewindows actions
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd max horz/vert actions. add toggle/on/off ability...
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd moverelative action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the moveto action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd maximize action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the fullscreen action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the iconify action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the unfocus action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd lower and raiselower actions
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd raise action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensremove the activate action, make the focus action ...
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the move action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd breakchroot action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the activate action. it will replace the focus...
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the cyclewindows action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd restart action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd exit and reconfigure actions
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the showdesktop action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadd the showmenu action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensadded the debug action
2007-06-22 Dana Jansensthe execute action works again.
2007-06-21 Dana Jansensdont build the old action stuff.
2007-06-21 Dana Jansenssome first structural stuff for new actions
2007-06-20 Dana Jansensget the offscreen pixmaps for all windows (including...
2007-06-19 Dana Jansenscheck for damage and render extensions if going to...
2007-06-09 Dana Jansensadd onyx themes to install. make non-active stuff grey
2007-06-07 Mikael Magnussonback xml themes out of trunk
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensfix what manpage files are included in the distribution...
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensremove the commented out stuff for mkdir's because...
2007-05-22 Dana Jansensmake the generated files with paths depend on the Makef...
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensmove focus_cycle_popup into its own file
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensmove focus_cycle_indicator into its own file
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensmove focus cycling into its own file
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensi know we broke backwards compatibility but noone uses...
2007-05-18 Dana Jansenschange obrender-3.0 and obparser-3.0 to 3.4 because...
2007-05-16 Dana Jansensdont hardcode the paths in the man pages. add the docbo...
2007-05-15 Dana Jansensupdates for the build system. always set Openbox on...
2007-05-15 Dana Jansenschanges to the manual pages.
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensadd openbox-session for gdm, which will run ~/.config...
2007-05-14 Dana Jansensmore removing config namespaces
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd gnome and kde config files which are the same,...
2007-05-13 Dana Jansenswhich is in doc,not data/
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd an rc.xml example for mouse focus
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensdont rebuild them every time. simpler dependencies
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensextraneous dependendancies?
2007-05-13 Dana Jansens@
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensinclude the man pages in dist.. :P
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensproperly tell where the config files are
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd man pages for openbox-gnome-session and openbox...
2007-05-13 Dana JansensAdd a manage
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensinstall the xsd's to docdir
2007-05-13 Dana Jansensadd conffiles
2007-05-13 Dana Jansenschanges to build..
2007-05-13 Dana Jansenssome fixes for the debian package
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensmake debian paackage with a makedeb script instead...
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensmissing \s
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensmore fixups for debian package
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensdebian package works now
2007-05-12 Dana Jansenssome changes to the build stuff for debian
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensbuild fixes
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensremove buttons from themes when they are using the...
2007-05-10 Dana Jansensmake the xsession dir
2007-05-10 Dana Jansensdont clean the rc and menu. and include them in make...
2007-05-10 Dana Jansenskill the .in's for xml. we're not installing the xsd...