update for the new theme selections
[dana/openbox.git] / DESIGN /
2003-07-23 Dana Jansensadd hover
2003-07-11 Dana Jansenssome input from woobie and changed the menu stuff
2003-07-11 Dana Jansensextra menu tag
2003-07-11 Dana Jansensattempt #2
2003-07-11 Dana Jansensoops extra menu_layout
2003-07-11 Dana Jansensa full style defn..
2003-04-06 Scott Moynessome thoughts on menu stuff
2003-03-17 Dana Jansenskill the timestamps
2003-03-17 Dana Jansensmy rant..
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd some design ideas for a glue layer between the...
2003-01-20 Dana Jansensremove the XImage from Surface
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensadd DESIGN from the openbox3 repository. add to that...