remove fuzzy translations
[dana/obconf.git] / po / sv.po
2008-01-25 Dana Jansensremove fuzzy translations
2008-01-25 Dana Jansensadd new strings to the po files
2007-08-04 Dana Jansensadd the new strings to all the po files (and note that...
2007-08-04 Mikael MagnussonUpdate swedish translation with desktop switch strings
2007-07-22 Dana Jansensfix the spanish po file's syntax errors, and rebuilt...
2007-07-22 Mikael Magnussonfix middle dots in italian translation, and maybe a...
2007-07-22 Mikael Magnussonupdate swedish translation with margins explanation
2007-07-22 Dana Jansensupdate the new strings
2007-07-22 Dana Jansensfix up the it.po a little. and po's have been rebuilt...
2007-07-22 Mikael Magnussonupdate swedish translation
2007-06-10 Dana Jansensput new things at the bottom of the struct
2007-06-07 Dana Jansensbump version
2007-06-03 Mikael Magnussonfix conflicting accels
2007-06-03 Mikael Magnussonupdate swedish translation
2007-06-03 Dana Jansensadd the underMouse option, and change the focusLast...
2007-06-03 Dana Jansensupdate sv.po for a string fix
2007-06-01 Mikael MagnussonAdd swedish ObConf translation