Add translation (Complete)
[dana/obconf.git] / obconf.desktop
2013-09-08 Sérgio MarquesPortuguese update for obconf
2013-08-12 Anton DobkinAdd Russian translation in .desktop files
2013-08-11 secipolla@gmail.comAdd Portuguese to obconf.desktop, and add Comment and...
2013-08-11 Jekyll WuAdd missing semicolon in .desktop file
2008-01-26 趙惟倫updated chinese translation
2008-01-12 Dana Jansensadd a new icon by Myles Green
2007-06-01 Dana Jansensyou can theme the openbox icon if you want to..
2007-05-30 Dana Jansens"Openbox Configuration Manager"
2007-05-30 Dana Jansenschange obconf's title to "Openbox Settings" and in...
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensi hate gnome.
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensadd more files