add the showDelay and noStrut options to dock tab
[dana/obconf.git] /
2007-05-31 Dana Jansenssplit handlers.c into a bunch of files
2007-05-31 Dana Jansensadd theme previews! yay syscrash!
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensadd them as comments for packagers or something to...
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensforget that..
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensadd uninstall-hook
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensupdate-desktop-database after installing for gnome
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensi hate gnome.
2007-05-30 Dana Jansensrequire libtar and zlib from configure
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensmove install.[ch] to theme.[ch]
2007-05-29 Dana Jansenslet you install theme archives
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensthe todo is all done i think
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensfirst add of obconf stuff. probably missing a lot still