2004-05-20 Bradley Belladd ogl_setbrightness_internal stub for glx (d1x r1.17)
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellimplement SetGammaRamp on WGL (d1x r1.14)
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellimplement brightness/palette effects in OGL using SetGa...
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellallow arbitrary (custom) resolution entry in change_res...
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellinserted d1x-style res change menu (mostly works)
2004-05-19 Bradley Belluse strnicmp instead of strncasecmp
2004-05-19 Bradley Belladd -gl_trilinear OGL command-line option (d1x r1.27)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellchangelog fixes
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellrestore inferno.c initialization of screen_compatible...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellallow arbitrary resolutions to be specified on command...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellneeds to include args.h now (d1x r1.9)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellimplement -nomusic for linux hmiplay (d1x r1.8)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellcorrect linux hmiplay handling of midi 0 volume song...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellremove needless sleep on linux hmiplay startup (d1x...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix off by .5 errors in ogl_upixelc and ogl_ulinec...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix ogl gr_ucircle (d1x r1.29)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix off-by-one error in ogl_urect, right and bottom...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix briefing spinning robot display in OGL (d1x r1...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix typo
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix savegame thumbnail saving in OGL (d1x r1.6)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellmove win32 window creation code from arch_init_start...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellapply patch from bluecow to fix hmiplay sync issues...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix crash on exit if sounds are still playing (d1x...
2004-05-19 Bradley BellFix mismatched arg types in the win32 code (d1x r1.2)
2004-05-19 Bradley BellFix mismatched arg types in the win32 code (d1x r1.7)
2004-05-19 Bradley BellFix mismatched arg types in the win32 code (d1x r1.12)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellfix problems with msgbuf struct not being defined ...
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellupdated SDL include path (d1x r1.3)
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2004-05-18 Martin Schaffneradd -no-cpp-precomp when compiling on Mac OS X
2004-05-18 Martin Schaffnerreplace wildcards in ChangeLog with list of files for...
2004-05-17 Martin Schaffnerinclude/*.bat, include/test.*: remove unnecessary files
2004-05-17 Bradley Belltook care of switches triggering single-sided walls...
2004-05-16 Martin Schaffnerfix invalid memory access for d1 levels which don't...
2004-05-16 Martin Schaffnermove ogl-internal stuff from ogl interface header to...
2004-05-15 Martin Schaffnerfix endless loop in some levels with a certain (complic...
2004-05-15 Martin Schaffnerimplement repair centers
2004-05-15 Martin Schaffnerimplement repair centers
2004-05-15 Martin Schaffnerfix joystick_read_raw_axis(), define and use gr_remap_m...
2004-05-13 Bradley Bellupdated project files for SDL 1.2.7
2004-05-13 Bradley Belladd VisualC, VisualCE dirs to tarball
2004-05-13 Martin Schaffnerformatting
2004-05-12 Bradley Bellremoved unused, redundaant files
2004-05-12 Bradley Belladded function to create blend tables
2004-05-12 Bradley Bellformatting
2004-05-12 Bradley Bellformatting
2004-05-11 Bradley Bellfix alpha calculation in g3_draw_poly, again
2004-05-11 Bradley Bellhmm, g3_draw_transp_poly had the fade level backwards...
2004-05-11 Bradley Bellproperly render cloaked walls in OpenGL (fixes #1608)
2004-05-08 Martin Schaffnerfix bug on Mac OS X where all sound, including that...
2004-04-22 Bradley Belluse new GET_INTEL_* macros
2004-04-22 Bradley Bellrewrite GET_INTEL_* macros, fix bugs in aligned version...
2004-04-15 Bradley Bellcomment out unused checksum variable
2004-04-14 Bradley Belluse portable rand function (fixes #1118)
2004-04-14 Bradley Bellfix redbook tracking problems (fixes #1028)
2004-04-14 Bradley Belluncomment calls to RBAStop (fixes #473)
2004-01-08 Martin Schaffnerfix MEM_OVERWRITE caused by not allocating enough mem...
2004-01-08 Martin Schaffnerfix (really) wierd SunOS bug
2004-01-08 Martin Schaffnerget rid of warnings (now compiles with -Werror on SunOS)
2004-01-06 Martin Schaffnersun OS typedef fixes
2003-12-28 Martin Schaffnerfix 2nd part of bug 1067 (make d2x compatible with...
2003-12-28 Martin Schaffnerfix bugfix for 1067
2003-12-28 Martin Schaffnerfix bug 1067
2003-12-18 Bradley Bellfixes for linux-native joystick
2003-12-18 Bradley Bellbunch of fixes (esp. for non linux-native joystick)
2003-12-18 Bradley Bellwhitespace/comments
2003-12-10 Bradley Belladded FreeBSD defs
2003-12-08 Bradley Bellremove unused, redundant files
2003-12-08 Bradley Bellfix FreeBSD compile errors
2003-12-08 Bradley Bellget rid of silly ulongs
2003-12-08 Bradley Bellenable nasm on FreeBSD, change relevant __linux__ macro...
2003-11-27 Bradley Belladded proto for ogl_check_mode
2003-11-27 Bradley BellPocketPC fixes
2003-11-27 Bradley BellPocketPC fixes
2003-11-27 Bradley BellPocketPC fixes
2003-11-27 Bradley Belllandscape fixes, implemented gr_check_mode
2003-11-27 Bradley Bellfix gcc 3.3 compiler warnings
2003-11-27 Bradley Belllandscape fixes, implemented gr_check_mode
2003-11-27 Bradley BellOS X fixes
2003-11-27 Bradley Bellbuncha macro fixes and stuff
2003-11-27 Bradley Belllinux fixes
2003-11-27 Bradley Belladded Visual C project for opengl, buncha macro fixes...
2003-11-26 Bradley Bellfix gr_update
2003-11-26 Bradley BellVisual C, PocketPC fixes
2003-11-26 Bradley BellVisual C, PocketPC fixes
2003-11-26 Bradley Bellupdated project files
2003-11-26 Bradley Bellmveplayer working in Visual C++
2003-11-26 Bradley Belladded project files for visual c++
2003-11-25 Bradley Belladded .cvsignore files
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellstuff to play mve's in WinCE
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellunused functions...
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellstuff
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellenabled mouse control of menus
2003-11-24 Bradley Belloops, didn't mean to change this
2003-11-22 Bradley Bellupdated project file
2003-11-21 Bradley Belladded project files for eMbedded Visual C++
2003-11-18 Bradley Belladded option to disable kalinix under unix
2003-11-18 Bradley Bellalways set menu mode for GL popups
2003-11-15 Bradley Bellfix automap background image
2003-11-15 Bradley Belldelete cruft