added TODO file
[btb/d2x.git] / main /
2002-08-30 Bradley Bellmore networking fixes
2002-08-30 Bradley Bellload builtin mission correctly
2002-08-30 Bradley Belldocumentation
2002-08-30 Bradley Bellmove hoard stuff out of network
2002-08-30 Bradley Belldon't need no more
2002-08-29 Bradley Belldeleting unused d1x stuff
2002-08-29 Bradley Bellfixed networking fuck-up?
2002-08-27 Bradley Bellbeginning d1 briefing support
2002-08-27 Bradley BellHave to get mission_num _after_ promoting...
2002-08-27 Bradley Belld1-style mission briefings
2002-08-27 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-08-27 Bradley Bellbeginning robot movie support, fall back on lo/hi res...
2002-08-27 Bradley Belladded Builtin_mission_num for builtin mission
2002-08-27 Bradley Belladded Builtin_mission_num for builtin mission, D1Hogdir...
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellfix writable string, disable DumbAdjust thing
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-08-26 Bradley Belladded pcx_get_dimensions(), other stuff from d2src
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellread movies from AltHogDir, other fixes
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellfix bug w/mission filename
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellwhitespace n stuff
2002-08-23 Bradley Bellfix briefing stuff
2002-08-23 Bradley Belleliminate need for .mn2 files for oem and demo
2002-08-22 Bradley Bellfix for vertigo
2002-08-22 Bradley Bellmake OEM menu pcx available
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellpromote builtin missions. patch from Martin Schaffner...
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellimproved mac pig loading/reverted TRANSPARENCY_COLOR...
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellmac data file loading
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellmac data file loading
2002-08-09 Bradley Bellformatting
2002-08-08 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-08-08 Bradley Bellmac demo datafile support
2002-08-08 Bradley Belluse lowercase for consistency
2002-08-08 Bradley Bellenable loading of exit models for other than d2demo
2002-08-07 Bradley Bellformatting, patch for better d1 texture conversion...
2002-08-07 Bradley Bellrecognize .msn mission files. patch from Martin Schaffn...
2002-08-07 Bradley Belladded .cvsignore files
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellformatting
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellshareware stuff, whitespace
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellmore fast i/o macros
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellmerged endlevel stuff to non-shareware, allow movies...
2002-08-06 Bradley Belltypo
2002-08-06 Bradley Belluse global Piggy_hamfile_version
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellmerged endlevel stuff to non-shareware, more fast i...
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellterrain and movie stuff always used now
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellload DMB levels
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellfast i/o macros
2002-08-04 Bradley Belld1 level stuff from
2002-08-04 Bradley Bellshareware stuff, formatting
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellmore d1 level loading stuff
2002-08-02 Bradley Belljunk
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellfast i/o macros
2002-08-01 Bradley Bellload d1 levels
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-30 Bradley BellSHAREWARE fixes
2002-07-30 Bradley BellSHAREWARE fixes
2002-07-29 Bradley BellPortability - OS X support
2002-07-27 Bradley Bellportability
2002-07-27 Bradley Bellportabilization
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportability
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellfoo
2002-07-26 Bradley Bells not a writable string anymore... / formatting
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportable-izing file loading routines
2002-07-24 Bradley Bellcorrectly play files with 16bit uncompressed audio...
2002-07-24 Bradley Bellenable standalone mve player
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellremove experimental nmovie stuff
2002-07-23 Bradley Belladd some debugging output
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellmake string explicitly writable
2002-07-22 Bradley Belluse __unix__
2002-07-22 Bradley Bell-fwritable-strings doesn't work on OS X
2002-07-22 Bradley Belluse SDL for timers and threads
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellsimplified header
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellenable mveplay audio
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellmoved to main/
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellinitial movie support
2002-07-22 Bradley BellOS X stuff
2002-07-18 Bradley Belluse simpler rcs tags
2002-07-18 Bradley Bellchanged cdrom->rbaudio
2002-07-16 Bradley Bell__SDL__ ugly and not needed at all
2002-07-16 Bradley Belldon't use althogdir on non-unix
2002-07-16 Bradley Bellneed limits.h on mingw also
2002-07-16 Bradley Bellreverting some networking stuff for now
2002-04-19 Bradley Belllet hoard.ham be a cfile
2002-04-19 Bradley Bellbetter error message when hog not found
2002-03-23 Bradley BellSDL Joystick works\!
2002-02-23 Bradley Bellmoved includes to include
2002-02-23 Bradley Bellmoved includes to include
2002-02-23 Bradley Belldisabled cockpit for OGL, formatting
2002-02-16 Bradley Bellallow older sdl versions
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellautomap resolution now selectable
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellenable udp debug messages
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellneed conf.h
2002-02-14 Bradley Bellallow gr_init lowres
2002-02-14 Bradley BellAdded hotkeys to toggle fullscreen mode
2002-02-14 Bradley Belld1x->d2x