Implement fading in ogl_urect()
[btb/d2x.git] / main /
2005-01-06 Bradley BellFree polymodel data before reloading ham file
2004-12-24 Bradley BellUse both ints with the robot producer flags.
2004-12-24 Bradley BellUse macros to use Segment2s when necessary.
2004-12-21 Bradley Bellfix occurrences of #ifdef __LINUX__
2004-12-21 Bradley BellSpecify that two functions return void.
2004-12-21 Bradley BellAdd function prototypes to remove warnings
2004-12-21 Bradley Belldon't duplicate the period in the filename
2004-12-20 Bradley Bellfix type mismatches
2004-12-20 Bradley Belladd missing includes
2004-12-20 Bradley Bellimplement removeext, use it in dsload instead of splitpath
2004-12-20 Bradley BellUse PhysicsFS for making the hoard ham.
2004-12-20 Bradley BellEnable global structs for mine saving functions
2004-12-20 Bradley BellPass the extra two parameters to get_seg_masks.
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellinclude conf.h in new editor files
2004-12-19 Bradley BellMove old logs to ChangeLog-old
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellifdef RCS for rcsid
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellbuild dumpmine.c for editor
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellimported missing editor files from d1x
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellabort weapon fire if unable to create object
2004-12-17 Bradley Bellallocate mission filenames dynamically
2004-12-17 Bradley Bellallocate mission filenames dynamically
2004-12-17 Bradley Bellforce gr_update() so screens always show in OpenGL
2004-12-17 Bradley Belladded fast save
2004-12-17 Bradley Bellopen autosave file for writing, not reading
2004-12-04 Bradley Bellset builtin_hogsize to 0 for the Descent 1 built-in...
2004-12-03 Bradley Belldon't die if title screens not found
2004-12-03 Bradley Belldisable call to reset_cockpit() which was causing the...
2004-12-02 Martin Schaffnerremove mission list from global memory
2004-12-02 Martin Schaffnerpass individual mission around instead of whole list
2004-12-02 Martin Schaffnerset builtin_hogsize for non-built-in missions
2004-12-02 Martin Schaffnerfix cfile bugs from recent changes
2004-12-01 Bradley Bellmerged physfs branch
2004-12-01 Bradley BellAssign result of cfilelength to an int, MPW doesn't...
2004-12-01 Bradley Belladded stuff to .cvsignore
2004-11-29 Bradley Belloriginal prototype in d2src is wrong, I guess
2004-11-29 Bradley Bellripped object stuff out of digi.c, now using digiobj...
2004-11-28 Bradley Belladded function to properly decode multi-line strings
2004-11-28 Bradley Bellenabled midi on win32
2004-11-27 Bradley Bellbetter fix for model data freeing bug
2004-11-27 Bradley Bellenable logo screens for shareware/oem
2004-11-27 Bradley Bellfix d1 briefing glitches
2004-11-27 Bradley Bellfree up cpu by not calling timer_delay so many times
2004-11-26 Bradley Bellreduce flickering in credits w/opengl
2004-11-26 Bradley Bellenable briefing screens for mac shareware
2004-11-22 Bradley BellFix sdl joystick axis problem, all arch use global...
2004-11-19 Martin Schaffnerdon't Int3() every time explosions don't look best
2004-11-19 Martin Schaffnerfix bug where loading a hxm would affect other levels too
2004-11-19 Martin Schaffnerfor enhanced missions, load add-on ham file at every...
2004-11-19 Martin Schaffnerdon't corrupt model_data, so it can be freed properly
2004-11-19 Martin Schaffnercompile again on older C compilers
2004-10-30 Martin Schaffnerread descent 1 textures also from shareware version...
2004-10-30 Martin Schaffnerfix crash introduced with previous change
2004-10-24 Martin Schaffnermove all mission stuff to mission.{c,h}, make mission...
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffneradd comment
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnerremove warning created by the fix for the cfgets issue...
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnerremove explicit uses of mission list
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnercorrect comments about anarchy-only
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnerremove unnecessary build_mission_list call
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnermove mission list handling functionality to mission...
2004-10-23 Martin Schaffnerdelete file main/compbit.h and adapt users to use text...
2004-10-14 Martin Schaffnerfix crash on Mac OS X, probably fix bug 738
2004-10-14 Martin Schaffnerfix bug uncovered by having fgets cut off ending \n
2004-10-09 Martin Schaffnerfix bug 1675: use better d2 textures if d1 hog is prese...
2004-10-09 Martin Schaffneruse new macros PLAYING_BUILTIN_MISSION and EMULATING_D1...
2004-09-05 Martin Schaffnerfix bugfix of 2004-05-15
2004-08-29 Martin Schaffnercfgets now always copies the terminating character...
2004-08-29 Martin Schaffnermove more old change logs into ChangeLog-old
2004-08-28 Martin Schaffnermove old per-file change logs into new file ChangeLog-old
2004-08-28 Martin Schaffnermove old per-file change logs into new file ChangeLog-old
2004-08-17 Martin Schaffnerfix a bug introduced with change of 2004-06-26
2004-08-06 Martin Schaffnermake d2x compile (but not link) on MPW on Mac OS 9...
2004-08-01 Martin Schaffneravoid assigments between unsigned and signed char,...
2004-08-01 Martin Schaffnerdo not seek while writing, carbon does not like it
2004-08-01 Martin Schaffneradd "#ifdef macintosh" for carbon target
2004-06-26 Martin Schaffnerremove some unneccesary globals
2004-05-31 Bradley Bellfix crash caused by death-cam
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellmade opengl use 32bpp screen mode by default, add optio...
2004-05-22 Bradley Belladd opengl replacement texture support (requires libpng...
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellopengl hardware super-transparency support using GL_NV_...
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellmake next axis config key skip currently allocated...
2004-05-22 Bradley Belljoy configuration next axis key from WraithX (d1x r1.10)
2004-05-22 Bradley Belltypo
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellmake rear view leave_time variable with -rearviewleavet...
2004-05-22 Martin Schaffnerchange -udp documentation to d2x behaviour
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellfile-line for segfault info (d1x r1.3, r1.5, r1.3,...
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellfile-line for segfault info (d1x r1.3, r1.5, r1.3,...
2004-05-22 Bradley Belladded -udp documentation from d1x
2004-05-21 Bradley Belldeath-cam from WraithX (d1x r1.3, game.c r1.21, r1...
2004-05-21 Bradley Belldocument -ihaveabrokenmouse
2004-05-21 Bradley Bellincreased MESSAGEBOX_TEXT_SIZE to fix netgame join...
2004-05-21 Bradley Belladded debug info for illegal side type (d1x r1.2, r1...
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellfix a couple of defines
2004-05-20 Bradley Bellintegrated some niceautomap stuff from d1x
2004-05-20 Bradley Belldocument -gl_refresh (d1x r1.20)
2004-05-20 Bradley Belladd alt+enter to toggle fullscreen (in addition to...