Fix crash if Num_walls=0
[btb/d2x.git] / main / render.c
2004-08-28 Martin Schaffnermove old per-file change logs into new file ChangeLog-old
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellopengl hardware super-transparency support using GL_NV_...
2004-05-22 Bradley Bellfile-line for segfault info (d1x r1.3, r1.5, r1.3,...
2004-05-11 Bradley Bellhmm, g3_draw_transp_poly had the fade level backwards...
2004-05-11 Bradley Bellproperly render cloaked walls in OpenGL (fixes #1608)
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte
2003-04-24 Bradley Bellfix misspellings of NDEBUG
2003-02-27 Bradley Belladded replacement qsort for solaris
2003-02-18 Bradley Bell2nd attempt to fix solaris qsort bug
2003-01-15 Bradley Belluse __sun__ for sunos
2003-01-01 Bradley Bellworkaround solaris qsort bug
2002-12-24 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings, courtesy of
2002-12-24 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-08-09 Bradley Bellformatting
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2001-10-25 Bradley Bellconditionalize including multi.h and network.h, fix...
2001-10-18 Bradley BellRCS headers added/changed
2001-10-12 Bradley BellChanged __ENV_DJGPP__ to __DJGPP__, since it's built-in.
2001-01-31 Bradley BellMakefile and conf.h fixes
2001-01-31 Bradley BellFix compiler warnings
2001-01-22 Bradley Bellfix warnings and enable NDEBUG
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...