Fix crash if Num_walls=0
[btb/d2x.git] / main / newmenu.c
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerclean up path/file length macros
2004-12-01 Bradley Bellmerged physfs branch
2004-08-28 Martin Schaffnermove old per-file change logs into new file ChangeLog-old
2004-08-01 Martin Schaffneradd "#ifdef macintosh" for carbon target
2004-05-21 Bradley Bellincreased MESSAGEBOX_TEXT_SIZE to fix netgame join...
2003-11-27 Bradley Bellfix gcc 3.3 compiler warnings
2003-11-26 Bradley BellVisual C, PocketPC fixes
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellenabled mouse control of menus
2003-11-18 Bradley Bellalways set menu mode for GL popups
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellmerge (non-physfs stuff) from physfs branch
2003-03-17 Bradley Bellalso look in shared data dir for demos
2003-02-28 Bradley BellFixed many opengl glitches
2003-02-14 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-10-03 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-09-07 Bradley Belladded error message
2002-08-26 Bradley Belladded pcx_get_dimensions(), other stuff from d2src
2002-08-08 Bradley Bellmac demo datafile support
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-26 Bradley Bells not a writable string anymore... / formatting
2002-02-13 Bradley BellLotsa networking stuff from d1x
2002-02-11 Bradley Belladded fixedfont menu functions
2001-11-08 Bradley BellEnabled shareware build, endlevel flythrough sequence
2001-10-31 Bradley BellMust call set_screen_mode for menus when using GL
2001-10-25 Bradley Bellconditionalize including multi.h and network.h, fix...
2001-01-31 Bradley BellMakefile and conf.h fixes
2001-01-20 Bradley BellGot rid of all compiler warnings, for non-OpenGL on...
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...