when no movies are found, divide by six the number of warning lines sent to stdout
[btb/d2x.git] / main / movie.c
2003-10-31 Martin Schaffnerwhen no movies are found, divide by six the number...
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2003-06-22 Bradley Belluse con_printf for missing movie warning
2003-06-19 Bradley Bellfixed cfile conversion of movie code
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-10 Bradley Bellmerged libmovie from physfs branch
2003-03-21 Bradley BellChange the default movie resolution to high, implement...
2003-02-28 Bradley BellFixed many opengl glitches
2003-02-28 Bradley BellFixed many opengl glitches
2003-02-25 Bradley BellDescent I briefings mostly working
2003-02-24 Bradley Bellfixed some more briefing glitches
2003-02-24 Bradley Bellfixed crash when using shareware data files without...
2003-02-19 Bradley Belladded function to disable/enable audio
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellmoved mve stuff to separate subdir
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellmany improvements to mve code. Fixes (at least) bugs...
2003-02-14 Bradley Bellrandom bugfixes, win32 support
2003-02-12 Bradley Belllotsa movie cleanups, added truecolor mve support,...
2003-01-09 Bradley Belluse ifdef around gr_toggle_fullscreen
2002-09-04 Bradley Belladded fullscreen toggle while playing movies
2002-09-01 Bradley Bellmore movie improvements
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellmovie improvements
2002-08-27 Bradley Bellbeginning robot movie support, fall back on lo/hi res...
2002-08-26 Bradley Bellread movies from AltHogDir, other fixes
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportability
2002-07-26 Bradley Bells not a writable string anymore... / formatting
2002-07-23 Bradley Belladd some debugging output
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellmake string explicitly writable
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellenable mveplay audio
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellinitial movie support
2002-01-18 Bradley BellMovie playing kludgey stuff