big pigsize is same for all d1 shareware - even though files are different\!
[btb/d2x.git] / include /
2003-10-29 Martin Schaffnerfix stupid copy/paste error
2003-10-25 Bradley Belluse gr_linear_rep_movsd_2x instead of almost identical...
2003-10-12 Bradley Belladd IPv4 multicasting support
2003-10-09 Bradley Belldeleted unused file
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellwin32 networking fixes
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte, comments/whitespace
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte
2003-10-03 Bradley BellMake network architecture choosable from game menu...
2003-10-03 Bradley Belladded macros for coping with alignment issues
2003-06-18 Bradley Bellfix NDEBUG calloc macro
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellremoved old fileutil stuff
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-15 Bradley Bellimplemented cfile wrappers for writing and other modes...
2003-06-10 Bradley Bellmerged libmovie from physfs branch
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellmerge (non-physfs stuff) from physfs branch
2003-06-02 Bradley Belladded console code (from SDL_console)
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-04-11 Bradley Belluse different defines for os x
2003-04-08 Bradley Bellput some old stuff back in, eliminate duplicate error...
2003-03-28 Bradley Bellenabled setting icon with SDL_image
2003-03-23 Bradley Bellincreased OGL_TEXTURE_LIST_SIZE so the texture list...
2003-03-20 Bradley Bellstarting d2 cd detection (cddb discid) support
2003-03-19 Bradley Bellif descent.pig available, load d1 textures for d1 levels
2003-03-19 Bradley Bellheader/extern declaration housekeeping
2003-02-27 Bradley Belluse timer_delay instead of d_delay
2003-02-21 Bradley Bellrevert to more accurate timers
2003-02-19 Bradley Belladded function to disable/enable audio
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellblah
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellput alignment detection in
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellmoved mve stuff to separate subdir
2003-02-18 Bradley Bellmany improvements to mve code. Fixes (at least) bugs...
2003-02-13 Bradley Bellget rid of some redundant swap functions. Courtesy...
2003-02-13 Bradley Bellfix remaining polymodel alignment issues. Courtesy...
2003-02-12 Bradley Belllotsa movie cleanups, added truecolor mve support,...
2003-01-22 Bradley Bellrestore prototype for swap_polygon_model_data
2003-01-22 Bradley Bellrestore prototype for swap_polygon_model_data
2003-01-15 Bradley Bellchanged path for SDL headers
2003-01-03 Bradley Bellformatting
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellcleanup alignment changes
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellfix alignment issues on sparc
2002-10-28 Bradley Belltypo
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellsimplify and eliminate redundant swap macros. maschaffn...
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellsparc/sunos support: rename quad to quadint. courtesy...
2002-10-11 Bradley Bellenable -nofade
2002-10-04 Bradley Bellcomments, formatting, etc. courtesy of Martin Schaffner...
2002-09-18 Bradley Bellfix palette swap define
2002-09-07 Bradley Bellenable 0/255 palette swap
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellbetter just do it the old way
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellneed string.h for strcasecmp
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellokay, maybe it needs to be this way
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmore stuff from d2src, mostly formatting
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmoved gr_linear_movsd assembly from grdef.h to bitblt.c
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellgr_linear_movsd isn't static for NO_ASM, obviously
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellenable some more code from d2src
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellenable mac ubitblt_double
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellmoved some inline asm from linear.h
2002-09-04 Bradley Belladded approx_fsec_to_usec macro
2002-09-01 Bradley Belladded timer_delay, faster timer_get_fixed_seconds
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellfast file i/o for font headers
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellbetter to have __pack__ all the time, I think. needed...
2002-08-29 Bradley Bellmore network fixing
2002-08-29 Bradley Bellformatting
2002-08-29 Bradley Bellfixed networking fuck-up?
2002-08-27 Bradley Belladd capability for 3rd hogfile (for d1 missions that...
2002-08-26 Bradley Belladded audio flag macros
2002-08-26 Bradley Belladded pcx_get_dimensions(), other stuff from d2src
2002-08-23 Bradley Belladd cfile_size function
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellimproved mac pig loading/reverted TRANSPARENCY_COLOR...
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellmac data file loading
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellset transparency and swap 0/255 correctly for mac data...
2002-08-09 Bradley Bellformatting
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-08-06 Bradley Bellmake pcx header available to other files, whitespace
2002-08-02 Bradley Belljunk
2002-08-02 Bradley Bellfast i/o macros
2002-07-30 Bradley BellOSX OGL fixes
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-29 Bradley BellPortability - OS X support
2002-07-27 Bradley Bellportabilization
2002-07-27 Bradley Bellportability
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportability
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellos x fixes
2002-07-26 Bradley Belloops
2002-07-26 Bradley Belloops
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportable file i/o utils
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportable-izing file loading routines
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellmake strdup part of mem_* library
2002-07-22 Bradley Belluse __unix__
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellinitial movie support
2002-07-22 Bradley BellOS X stuff
2002-07-18 Bradley Bellchanged cdrom->rbaudio
2002-07-18 Bradley Bellmoved to /include
2002-02-16 Bradley Bellcheck for older macros
2002-02-16 Bradley Bellallow older sdl versions
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellmoved protos to from grdef.h to gr.h
2002-02-15 Bradley Belladded u_int16_t (needed in base_ip)
2002-02-14 Bradley BellAdded hotkeys to toggle fullscreen mode
2002-02-13 Bradley BellLotsa networking stuff from d1x
2002-02-13 Bradley BellFullscreen toggle stuff