landscape fixes, implemented gr_check_mode
[btb/d2x.git] / arch / sdl / joy.c
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-03-29 Bradley Bellfixed text seen for hats in control config screen
2003-03-27 Bradley Belladded hat support for sdl joysticks
2003-01-15 Bradley Bellchanged path for SDL headers
2003-01-11 Bradley Bellgcc 3.2 warnings
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellfix compiler warning
2002-07-22 Bradley BellOS X stuff
2002-07-16 Bradley Bellold junk
2002-03-23 Bradley BellSDL Joystick works\!
2002-03-05 Bradley BellSDL joystick stuff mostly done
2001-12-03 Bradley Belllots of makefile fixes, and sdl joystick stuff
2001-10-24 Bradley BellMoved input stuff to arch subdirs, as in d1x.