fix compilation error with --disable-network, move reset_network_objects() from games...
[btb/d2x.git] / ChangeLog
2003-10-21 Martin Schaffnerfix compilation error with --disable-network, move...
2003-10-21 Martin Schaffnerfix compilation error with --disable-network, move...
2003-10-14 Bradley Bellstuff
2003-10-14 Bradley Bellinclude newmenu header (for FAIL macro)
2003-10-12 Bradley Bellshareware stuff
2003-10-12 Bradley Belladd IPv4 multicasting support
2003-10-12 Bradley Belladd IPv4 multicasting support
2003-10-11 Bradley Bellfixed endlevel stuff
2003-10-11 Bradley Belllots of shareware and oem fixes
2003-10-11 Bradley Bellfixed stupid win32 network bug
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellincreased D1_MAX_TMAP_NUM
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellfixes d1 still textures which are animated in d2, refac...
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellfix text when using old datafiles
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellcomments/whitespace
2003-10-10 Bradley Bellfixed smart missiles and smart mines w/shareware data
2003-10-09 Bradley Belldeleted unused file
2003-10-08 Bradley BellSHAREWARE fixes
2003-10-08 Bradley BellSHAREWARE fixes
2003-10-08 Bradley Belluse closesocket() instead of close()
2003-10-08 Bradley Belldisabled 'd2x keys' weapon selection
2003-10-08 Martin Schaffnergot rid of most warnings issued by cpp-precomp of gcc...
2003-10-06 Bradley Bellincrement version number, add some news
2003-10-05 Bradley Bellbetter handling of CRLF text files (when that is the...
2003-10-05 Bradley Belluse binary mode for reading/writing files
2003-10-05 Bradley Belladded UDP support for win32
2003-10-04 Bradley Belloops, fgets does not return EOF
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte, comments/whitespace
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellfix win32 eof bug
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellwin32 networking fixes
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte, comments/whitespace
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellchange byte to sbyte
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellbetter checking for timeval
2003-10-03 Bradley BellMake network architecture choosable from game menu...
2003-10-03 Bradley Belladded padding to little-endian version of netgame_info
2003-10-03 Bradley Belladded macros for coping with alignment issues
2003-10-03 Bradley Bellcomments/whitespace
2003-10-03 Bradley Belldelete duplicate function
2003-10-02 Bradley Bellmake sure d1_texture_indices gets freed between levels
2003-09-11 Martin Schaffnerfix size of d1 shareware descent.pig
2003-08-03 Bradley Bellfix loading of d1 texture replacements for non-animated...
2003-08-02 Bradley Belluse fixed 20fps wiggle
2003-08-02 Bradley Belladd man pages, distribute utility programs in new d2x...
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellupdated rpm spec file
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellmake error message more friendly
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellsimplify copying of bitmap flags
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellupdate raw_position in cfputc and cfputs
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellbigendian networking fixes
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellrevert to always using custom fgets
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellhandle missing exit sequence components gracefully
2003-08-02 Bradley Bellcomments
2003-07-25 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2003-07-25 Bradley Bellupdate raw_position in cfwrite
2003-07-23 Bradley Bellupdate raw pointer in cfwrite
2003-06-22 Bradley Belluse standard fgets for non-archive files
2003-06-22 Bradley Belluse con_printf for missing movie warning
2003-06-19 Bradley Bellfixed cfile conversion of movie code
2003-06-18 Bradley Bellstrip out colors, etc when printing to stdout
2003-06-18 Bradley Bellfix NDEBUG calloc macro
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellremoved old fileutil stuff
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-16 Bradley Bellconvert file i/o to cfile
2003-06-15 Bradley Bellimplemented cfile wrappers for writing and other modes...
2003-06-10 Bradley Bellgr_copy_palette not really a kludge, I think
2003-06-10 Bradley Bellmerged libmovie from physfs branch
2003-06-08 Bradley Bellfix non-console build
2003-06-07 Bradley Bellstop memory leaks in libmve
2003-06-07 Bradley Bellcomments
2003-06-07 Bradley Bellremove redundant break
2003-06-07 Bradley Bellmerge from physfs branch
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellincrement version number
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellfix crash in control menus
2003-06-06 Bradley Bellmerge (non-physfs stuff) from physfs branch
2003-06-02 Bradley Bellset console background, fix whitespace
2003-06-02 Bradley Belladd support for MacOS X bundle
2003-06-02 Bradley Belladded console code (from SDL_console)
2003-05-13 Bradley Bellincrement version number
2003-05-13 Bradley Belluse con_printf for exit model warnings
2003-05-12 Bradley Bellmust check for timespec after setting -mno-cygwin
2003-05-12 Bradley Belladded -nohogdir and -userdir options
2003-05-12 Bradley Belluse briefings with no extension
2003-04-30 Bradley Bellhave to include time.h when checking for nanosleep
2003-04-30 Bradley Belluse autoconf to check for struct timespec
2003-04-30 Bradley Bellfix linking bug, increment version number
2003-04-30 Bradley Bellmake dist fix
2003-04-29 Bradley Bellnew version
2003-04-29 Bradley Bellfixes for OS X 10.2
2003-04-24 Bradley Bellincrement version number
2003-04-24 Bradley Bellredeclare main() 'the SDL way', make sure SDL.h is...
2003-04-24 Bradley Bellfix misspellings of NDEBUG
2003-04-21 Bradley Bell0.2.1 release
2003-04-14 Bradley Bellprefer files from d2 hog over d1 hog
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-04-12 Bradley Belluse _sleep instead of sleep on win32
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-04-11 Bradley Belluse different defines for os x