2011-03-20 Dan OlsonAdd makefile now that it's no longer generated by autoconf
2011-03-20 Dan OlsonSome 64-bit fixes
2010-03-07 Dan OlsonRedo makefile, delete oss driver, fix some c99 errors...
2010-03-07 Dan OlsonGet rid of autoconf, the abomination.
2010-01-03 Dan OlsonOptimized blit functions.
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonAdd more menus.
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonAdd heretic folder, menu changes.
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonMore menu changes, main menu stub displays w/ no actions
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonCheesy stubbed main menu
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonMenu fonts working, drawpatch fix
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonFix patch y offset. (Yikes)
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonAdd menu, fix fuzz/shadow pass to use dest instead...
2009-11-27 Dan OlsonFuzz and Shadow patches working
2009-11-27 Dan Olsonpyhexen progress
2009-11-23 Dan Olsonmore struct fixes
2009-11-23 Dan OlsonAdd explicit struct usage.
2008-08-27 Dan OlsonStart on patch
2008-08-06 Dan OlsonMisc changes
2008-08-05 Dan OlsonRemove obnoxious documentation files
2008-08-05 Dan OlsonMore wad fixes.
2008-08-05 Dan Olsonminor fix
2008-08-05 Dan OlsonMinor fix to wad, add .pyc ignore.
2008-08-05 Dan OlsonJust playing around... or am I?
2008-04-23 Dan OlsonAdd .gitignore for ignoring generated files.
2008-04-23 Dan OlsonUpdate email address.
2003-08-05 theoddone33Minor cleanups
2003-08-04 theoddone33Add .cvsignore
2003-08-04 theoddone33Beginning removal of GLU.
2003-02-10 theoddone33Fix stupid wadfile problem
2002-01-03 rootInitial revision
2002-01-03 (no author)New repository initialized by cvs2svn.