descriptionFreeSpace 2 port
ownerTaylor Richards
last changeMon, 23 Dec 2019 09:00:24 +0000 (04:00 -0500)
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfix issue with looping audio streams master
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsmerge gamepad support
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfix some type warnings
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsavoid a re-init of current joystick
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsclean up joystick debug log info
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at proper gamepad support
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsmerge fixes for cfile command line utilities
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsremove old cfilearchiver from build
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsfix directory creation when it's an absolute path
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsadd filtering to cfileutil list command
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsfix up command line options:
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsclean up various warnings in cfileutil
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsnegative index fix from FSO (Echelon9)
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsfix for support ships in multi from FSO (karajorma)
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsprevent mission messages from showing twice on multi...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix multi messaging input bugs
16 months ago master