fix issue with looping audio streams
[taylor/freespace2.git] / src /
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfix issue with looping audio streams master
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsmerge gamepad support
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfix some type warnings
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsavoid a re-init of current joystick
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsclean up joystick debug log info
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at proper gamepad support
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsmerge fixes for cfile command line utilities
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsremove old cfilearchiver from build
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsfix directory creation when it's an absolute path
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsadd filtering to cfileutil list command
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsfix up command line options:
2019-11-08 Taylor Richardsclean up various warnings in cfileutil
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsnegative index fix from FSO (Echelon9)
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsfix for support ships in multi from FSO (karajorma)
2018-03-20 Taylor Richardsprevent mission messages from showing twice on multi...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix multi messaging input bugs
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix compiling issues with lang changes
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge emscripten port
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix various post-rebase issues
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsadd support for 'onShutdown' handler to do stuff after...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardscancel main loop before game_shutdown() to avoid callin...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsrename #progess to #loading
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake mount/sync options clearer with an order change
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsjust skip assert()'s on FS.syncfs() errors
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardshandle filesystem sync in a better way
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardssync files whenever pilot file is saved
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsinitial loading/progress screen for emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsadd cfileutil for working with VP files
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix tools that broke due to lang change
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardscancel emscripten main loop when shutting down
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix incorrect FS2 demo ifdef
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake PXO pinfo popup work in an async manner
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix popup condition testing
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsuse better exception messages when possible
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdisable emterpreter for now (too many issues)
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsproperly poll for window events when fullscreen or...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsskip daemon stuff for standalone when building for...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfixes for demo upsells
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdon't do framerate control ourselves in emscripten...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake loading screen and title screen work with emterpre...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardspopup() -> popup_sync() change for FS1 builds
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdon't add ShowFPS to config by default since it overrid...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsonly use app name for IndexedDB path (easier to clear...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmove emscripten header include to platform.h
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsset game window as resizable for emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdisable multi in FS2 demo with emscripten for now
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsbetter comment FS1 demo pilot file hack
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardscorrect center positions of mainhall door animations
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix mouse handling when viewport is other than default...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix special dot sliders in FS1
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake first pass at async popups
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardssupport persistent file storage for Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmodify gameseq such that we can process an event with...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdon't return error on successful exit of game_main()
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix memory size detection for Emscripten builds
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsremove SOURCE_RELATIVE hack, it's an Emscripten bug
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdeal with double free() errors on shutdown
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsuse LEGACY_GL to determine of GL1 is used or not
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsplug demo upsells into the game event/state system
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsuse Emscripten compatible game loop
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsbypass Emscripten bug when AL source is relative
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsshutdown() not yet implemented in Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsdisable popups for now
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsstartup windowed and disable movies with Emscripten
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at emscripten support
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge updated pxo code and related fixes
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsfix opening of URLs on Windows
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsonly use SDL text input when required (fixes keyboard...
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsback out pause changes for now
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsfix event and state help text
2018-03-13 Taylor Richardsset/update netgame info on tracker in a useful way
2018-03-13 Taylor Richardsuse a better multi_sw_ok_to_commit() check
2018-03-11 Taylor Richardsupdate Config_allowed[] for proper key layout in SDL
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsfix linker issue with wxWidgets
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsremove remants of old special key handling removal
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsmake sure we always close out of pause state
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardschange special key combos to more generic keys
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsdeal with timestamp issue when calculating submodel...
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardshandle SquadWar match query properly for standalone
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardsavoid sending LAN broadcast with PXO game query
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardssend quit game event when OS window gets closed
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardspause game on minimize, plus related cleanup
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsstop ambient menu sound when paused
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardstry to prevent random crashing from wing ai
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardslog out of tracker when mission ends (non-standalone)
2018-03-08 Taylor Richardsclean up stats saving a bit more
2018-03-07 Taylor Richardsfix invalid socket log spam
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsmake websocket connection work over both http and https
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsfix control binding
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsforce windows to ignore WIN key so we can use it
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardstweak stats saving to maybe work better
2017-10-25 Taylor Richardsupdate URL for PXO button in launcher
2017-10-15 Taylor Richardsmerge haptic and joystick fixes
2017-10-11 Taylor Richardsadd safety and some cleanup
2017-10-11 Taylor Richardsallow hotplug to actually hotplug
2017-09-29 Taylor Richardsuse timestamp for hit effect rather than calling system...
2017-09-27 Taylor Richardsforce-start pSpring on mission init
2017-09-27 Taylor Richardsclean up debug messages a bit
2017-08-07 Taylor Richardsfix crash in debug builds
2017-08-05 Taylor Richardsmake sure that all ff effects are stopped before closin...