fix issue with looping audio streams
[taylor/freespace2.git] / include /
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsmerge gamepad support
2019-12-23 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at proper gamepad support
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix multi messaging input bugs
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge emscripten port
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix various post-rebase issues
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake loading screen and title screen work with emterpre...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmove emscripten header include to platform.h
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsfix mouse handling when viewport is other than default...
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmake first pass at async popups
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsplug demo upsells into the game event/state system
2018-03-17 Taylor Richardsmerge updated pxo code and related fixes
2018-03-15 Taylor Richardsupdate PXO ranking URLs
2018-03-14 Taylor Richardsfix event and state help text
2018-03-11 Taylor Richardsupdate standalone html include
2018-03-10 Taylor Richardschange special key combos to more generic keys
2018-03-05 Taylor Richardsforce windows to ignore WIN key so we can use it
2017-10-15 Taylor Richardsmerge haptic and joystick fixes
2017-10-11 Taylor Richardsallow hotplug to actually hotplug
2017-05-02 Taylor Richardsadd PXO tab to launcher
2017-05-02 Taylor Richardsupdate PXO URLs
2017-04-18 Taylor Richardsswitch to gzipped standalone html embed
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsreduce game update timeout to 4 minutes, since server...
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardschange MULTI_IS_TRACKER to check against pxo setting
2017-04-16 Taylor Richardsremove PEER_PING, since it didn't work
2017-04-09 Taylor Richardsmake adjustments to standalone fps:
2017-04-06 Taylor Richardsadd missing cmdline function declarations from prior...
2017-03-31 Taylor Richardsadd basic support for getting though firewalls
2017-03-31 Taylor Richardsupdate PXO URLs to point to new server
2017-01-07 Taylor Richardsadd some basic app icons
2016-12-25 Taylor Richardsmake git info a bit easier to use
2016-12-12 Taylor Richardsgrab git info during build for use in version strings
2016-12-10 Taylor Richardsmerge demo branch
2016-12-09 Taylor Richardsresolve various issues from static analyzer run
2016-10-25 Taylor Richardsrearrange some #ifdef's to make them clearer
2016-10-25 Taylor RichardsFS1 demo pilot support (technically... sort of)
2016-10-23 Taylor Richardsfix some memory issues that were causing problems
2016-10-21 Taylor Richardsuse proper FS2 demo pilot files
2016-10-18 Taylor Richardsproper padding of PXO stats struct for FS2 demo
2016-10-18 Taylor Richardsmerge fixes
2016-10-10 Taylor Richardsswitch to SDL_min/SDL_max (fixes compiler errors)
2016-07-10 Taylor Richardsprevent httpget and chat from trying to connect indefin...
2016-07-05 Taylor Richardsmerge updated graphics code
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardshandle npot textures properly to base spec
2016-07-04 Taylor Richardssilence compiler warnings (mostly shadow variables)
2016-07-01 Taylor Richardsfix print_screen()
2016-06-17 Taylor Richardscleanup, fixes, and optimizations
2016-06-17 Taylor Richardsremove obsolete no_grab cmdline option
2016-06-17 Taylor Richardsfix some mouse handling issues
2016-06-17 Taylor Richardssimply fullscreen<->window switching
2016-06-10 Taylor Richardsadd gr_stream_*() for movie playback
2016-06-10 Taylor Richardsimplement GL2 framebuffer, plus various fixes
2016-05-31 Taylor Richardsbetter fog support
2016-05-30 Taylor Richardsrendering functions mostly done; more complete shader...
2016-05-30 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at OpenGL ES 2 support
2016-03-30 Taylor Richardsmerge in fixes from Windows build
2016-03-30 Taylor Richardsadjust popup style and size to work properly on Windows
2016-03-26 Taylor Richardsclean up Windows #include's and use winsock2
2016-03-21 Taylor Richardsmerge new standalone server and client
2016-03-20 Taylor Richardsembed standalone web in executable
2016-03-11 Taylor Richardssupport for mission goals in GUI
2016-03-11 Taylor Richardshandle player info and player selection
2016-03-09 Taylor Richardsadd handling for server name and host password entries
2016-03-09 Taylor Richardsadd more functionality and fixes to standalone GUI
2016-03-08 Taylor Richardsadd first stages of GUI for standalone
2016-02-16 Taylor Richardsadd PXO support to standalone
2016-02-13 Taylor Richardsrename stand_gui.h to stand_server.h
2016-02-09 Taylor Richardsadd stubbed graphics for standalone server
2015-09-24 Taylor Richardsmerge in updated FS1 code
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsadd FS1 PLAYER_FLAGS_* for PXO/non-PXO check
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsmake first pass at psnet port for FS1
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsmake gtrack compatible with FS1
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsmake PXO client code FS1 compatible
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardspad freespace_net_game_data for size/alignment
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsadd support for retail FS1 pilot files
2015-09-23 Taylor Richardsresolve various FS1 build issues
2015-09-22 Taylor Richardsmerge in some code cleanup
2015-09-21 Taylor Richardssilence various compiler warnings (clang:rel)
2015-09-10 Taylor Richardsmake multilag work, if we ever want to use it
2015-09-08 Taylor RichardsMerge branch 'sdl2'
2015-09-07 Taylor RichardsPXO, works and everything (probably)
2015-09-06 Taylor Richardspad freespace2_net_game_data so size will match
2015-09-05 Taylor Richardsfix size issues with filter_game_list_struct
2015-09-05 Taylor Richardsbetter detection for non-blocking net calls
2015-09-04 Taylor Richardsadd padding to game_list struct
2015-04-25 Taylor Richardsfix some windows compiler errors
2015-04-25 Taylor Richardssupport opening URLs in default browser
2015-04-25 Taylor Richardsadd winsock.h for SOCKET and other types in psnet2.h
2015-04-25 Taylor Richardsfix platform issues with chksum data types
2015-04-15 Taylor RichardsIPX removal
2015-04-13 Taylor Richardsremove IPX from psnet2
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsremove IPX from multi*
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsfix up strings
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsfix compile errors post rebase
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsre-add PXO sources to project files
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsfix PXO passwd entry length in options menu
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardshave MULTI_IS_TRACKER_GAME be something useful
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsbasic PXO cross-platform network compatibility
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsfirst pass at PXO reintegration
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardsapp window handling cleanup
2015-04-03 Taylor Richardscleaner cfg setup, launcher, initial user prep