2002-11-10 Dana Jansensadding the new OBScreen class actually!
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensnew OBScreen class is somewhat complete now i think
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenscleanups.
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensfixups
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensx() and y() should return values :)
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensinclude the point header
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensget rid of unsigneds
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensmake methods for Rect that use Point
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensdocument the Point class
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensadd the otk::Point type
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensmove screen.cc/hh to bbscreen.cc/hh
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensmore layout fixes for the decoration elements
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenspretty sure all frame elements are placed correctly now
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenshandle events on all of the client's decor as for the...
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensadd \n's to the signal printfs
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenssize/position fixes
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensframes' subemelents are created and positioned and...
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensadd a comment
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenssupport for the shape extension works!
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenssome more things to happen when changing styles on...
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensposition the client inside the frame correctly.
2002-11-07 Dana Jansensfully documented OBClient
2002-11-07 Dana Jansensadd a bunch of documentation
2002-11-07 Dana Jansensadd updateIconTitle
2002-11-07 Dana Jansensreverse the automake/autoconf order.. for fun
2002-11-07 Dana Jansensadd XXX to a comment that deserves it
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenss/NULL/0/
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensdont need to specify otk:: when already in the namespace
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaseg fix
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaugh, misspelling
2002-11-06 Marius Nitamoved em to otk
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaomg, fat commit
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaadded style class, moved util and config to otk
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensnew binary name
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensset the client's desired decoration and function flags
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenssupport for the Mwm Hints
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensblef
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensshow badwindow errors again
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensdont show badwindow errors
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensgenerate an 'openbox3' binary
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensmaps and unmaps windows!
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenswindows map again!
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensread protocols too in OBClient
2002-11-06 Dana JansensOBAtom/XAtom has been moved to otk::OBProperty
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensdetermine if the user/application requested its initial...
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensuse INT_MAX for the default max sizes
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensget the min/max sizes
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenswhen creating an OBClient class, get all the info on...
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenscomment the _window member
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensmake the group a window
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensfix compiling with the new strut (new namespace)
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensmoving strut into its own .hh. adding OBClient class
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensclient.cc compiles
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensinclude algoritm
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensfinish conversion to the new otk::OBProperty class...
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensmode documentation updates
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensupdated documentation
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensadd OBProperty to otk, which was formerly known as...
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensconvert XAtom to OBAtom
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensupdated doxygen documentation
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinitialize the _doshutdown member
2002-11-04 Dana Jansenscomplete the change from window.cc/hh to bbwindow.cc/hh
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensmoving window.cc/hh to bbwindow.cc/hh since we'll have...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdeal with client events in the same way now
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensxeventhandler can handle everything except client messa...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensnew OBTimer interface
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensfix for documentation
2002-11-04 Dana JansensOBTimer is fully documented.
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinclude the right .hh!
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensinclude the timer manager class header
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensmake doxygen skip stuff inside
2002-11-04 Dana Jansenssplit the OBTimerQueueManager and TimerQueue into their...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumenting classes!
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumented
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensnot using a custom stlyesheet anymore
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensadd doxygen to the project. 'make doc' builds the doxyg...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensstop using the Utf8 functions. will use them later...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmissing include
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timer infrastructure. takes a function pointer...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmake it shutdown on signals
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensread rc3 as the default file now
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timers, timer manager
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensfix compiling in display.
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensue default scope timevals
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensadd comment
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmove Rect and PointerAssassin into the toolkit
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensadd an OBDisplay class and the old ScreenInfo class...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensinclude the new screeninfo.o
2002-11-03 Dana Jansenssplit the screeninfo class out to its own files
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensgettext is ready to rock and roll
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensupdated with goals for 3.0
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensnot using admin/ dir anymore
2002-11-02 Dana Jansensstupid stuff
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensput 'cvs' in the version tag
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake strings in main.cc translatable
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd cvs ignores for the new dirs
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake gettext better. updates for autoconf
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensdont have any languages yet