2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd some cvsignore's
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd no_NO and ro_RO translations
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensi put paths in here by accident ^_^
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd another hardcoded binding :)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensnew windows on non-visible workspaces should follow...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensremove the add/remove/active_window debug cout's
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement window resizing. using resizing incrememnts...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement window resizing
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenskeep track of window dimentions
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmove the Strut struct from Screen.hh to Util.hh
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd action and design for resizing a window
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement toggleMaximize(Vert|Horz|Full)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement moveWindowUp/Down/Left/Right
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenschanged teh builtin bindings.. :)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensnow it opens on all possible screens
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenslet you specify the class for cycling windows per class
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmake cycling by window class work properly, was using...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd maximizing to the action enum
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd execute command. add string to action class.
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensexec works now
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadded hardcoded bindings for changeWorkspace 1-4
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensrename the sendTo action to sendToWorkspace
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadded sendTo action
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd 'toggleomnipresent' action
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenssmall change.
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd cycling of windows of the same class on all workspaces
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd cycling of next/prev window of class
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd next/prev window on all workspaces
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensproperly track the active workspace and the number...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd iconifying
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd raising and lowering
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd the ability to close a window
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadded window cycling
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensline up the vars
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmake the returned action list a const reference
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmake the action list returned a const
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensremove some debug couts
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmake shading work
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensdont pass bound keys through to the application
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenssome cleanups and such.
2002-07-20 Scott MoynesAdded changeWorkspace() and a broken toggleShaded()
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensproperly scope thse stl stuff please!
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensadd file headers and couple fixups
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensno need to scope here
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensadd a count to the actions enum
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensmake both for's work teh same way
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensinsert some whitespace
2002-07-19 Scott Moynesadded contructor for the actions
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensfix typos
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensadd ifdefs for config.h
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensuse the _variable member naming convention
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensmake epist not build with the rest of the source tree
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensscrewed up the order in which hints were retrieved...
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensmake HUP reconfigure as in blackbox. make USR1 restart...
2002-07-19 Dana Jansenschanging the number of workspaces in the rc does someth...
2002-07-19 Scott MoynesAdded an action class and started the even handler.
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensdon't try to show windows which are already shown....
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensonly focus new transient windows if their parent has...
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensdont reconfigure during startup. thats a waste and...
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensmake the bullet, checkmark, and text, all the same...
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensupdated todo. took out things we have done. added new...
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensselect the focused window in the workspace menu
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensadd cvsignore
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensfix some capitalisations
2002-07-18 Dana Jansensmove the checkmarks to the opposite side of the bullets...
2002-07-17 Dana Jansenschange the color used for the checkmark. match the...
2002-07-17 Dana Jansensnew checkmark for the menus
2002-07-17 Scott Moynesadded some notes about a config file format
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensreverse the if
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensdont put non-normal windows in the stacking list. they...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensadjust goals for 2.0
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensadd for ClickMousePlacement
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensmuch awesome support for special windows like panels...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensput the assert back. better solution in mind
2002-07-16 Dana Jansenstaking out an assert that only causes problems
2002-07-16 Dana JansensClick Mouse Placement is BACK!#!#
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensadd sendClientMessage
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensscrew that change. the next releaase will be 2.0.0!
2002-07-16 Dana Jansenschange the version number back a bit. preparing for...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensswitch workspaces if neccessary for a NET_WM_ACTIVE_WIN...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensmake bbkeys' cycliong work right, how it used to. inste...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensdont reposition non-normal/dialog windows when they...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensdont let focus fall back to strange windows like panels...
2002-07-16 Dana Jansensadd options for ignoring shaded windows and full-maxed...
2002-07-15 Scott MoynesDon't install epist until it actually does something...
2002-07-15 Dana Jansenskde's 'desktop menu' now works just like a panel
2002-07-14 Dana Jansensproperly handle workspace names, and changes to them.
2002-07-14 Dana Jansensfix case where the window group deletes itself. somehow...
2002-07-14 Dana Jansenssych with blackbox
2002-07-14 Dana Jansensmake arrows larger, match th size of the other bullets...
2002-07-14 Dana Jansensmake sure the desktop names atom is set when setting...
2002-07-13 Dana Jansensproperly lower windows and keep desktop windows on...
2002-07-13 Dana Jansenslibgen.h is used by basename()
2002-07-13 Dana Jansensupdate deps in the Makefile
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensmore actions
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensadd a size specifier to the enum
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensremoving now-unused files.
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensepist now based on the BaseDisplay.
2002-07-12 Scott Moynessome of the actions I came up with
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensgets a whole lotta window information now, and updtes...