execute files such that i can track if an exception was thrown in it
[mikachu/openbox.git] / wrap /
2003-02-16 Dana Jansensdont wrap pointerassassin
2003-02-14 Dana Jansensadd a Config class with config data from the scripts.
2003-02-10 Dana Jansenschange the exception message
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensremove unused apply
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensmake some of otk::property work
2003-02-10 Dana Jansensmore user friendly net_showing_desktop support
2003-02-09 Dana Jansensuse the c++ std cheaders
2003-02-08 Dana Jansensupdated wrappers around the new otk widget system and...
2003-02-06 Dana Jansensmake "make dist" work, compiler flags cleanups
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensinclude the .i's in the dist
2003-02-05 Dana Jansenssupply the same interface with optional arguments as...
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensnew swig build system. much better. yay.
2003-02-05 Dana Jansensdont make wrap a subdir of otk