change the font to be nicer
[mikachu/openbox.git] / util /
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd the date
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensgroup next/prev commands together
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensspecify which parameters can be specifyed for cycling...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensignore the new generated manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensmention that options dont exist in epist yet
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensfix breaks/indents for the options section
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd a .br
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd a manpage for epistrc. Update the epist mapage...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensignore the generated manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensdont lose the last-focused window when all windows...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd authors for epist in manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd manpages for epist and for xftlsfonts
2002-08-16 Scott Moynessome new functions added to the rc file
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensset up a default rc file, and change teh user rc to...
2002-08-16 Scott MoynesAdded default rc file
2002-08-15 Dana Jansenscatch tge XFT define, from config.h
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensproper scoping
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbasename() returns a string sometimes.. go shaleh....
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensno more relavent
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbuild something when theres no xft support
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensmake sure the increments are > 0.
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbuild epist normally, dont link in stuff it doenst...
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbetter track of the last window on a screen.
2002-08-15 Dana Jansenssync with bb-cvs
2002-08-14 Scott Moynesoops. buglet. extra for loop
2002-08-14 Scott Moynesadded the ability to have numeric arguments for the...
2002-08-09 Scott Moynesfixed spelling mistake
2002-08-08 Dana Jansenssync with blackbox-cvs
2002-08-08 Dana Jansensallow modifierless root keys
2002-08-08 Dana Jansensadding egnerated files to cvs
2002-08-08 Dana Jansenswatch for a failed opening of the X server!
2002-08-08 Scott MoynesA few bug fixes and change the config to case insensiti...
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensbetter support for relative resizing
2002-08-07 Dana Jansenssupport better resizing a delta value instead of an...
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensadd the yacc/lex generated stuff
2002-08-07 Dana JansenssendTo and goto workspaces both need to start at 0...
2002-08-07 Scott Moynesfixed change workspace and indenting
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensdrop the ""'s from actions' string arguments
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensbuild the yacc/lex stuff
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensinclude the right header and cast to avoid warnings
2002-08-07 Dana Jansensfix std:: namespace problems
2002-08-07 Dana Jansenssubtract 1 from teh workspace number specified
2002-08-06 Scott Moynesbad patch
2002-08-06 Scott Moynesadded the lex source file
2002-08-06 Scott MoynesBig fat merge for epist.
2002-08-06 Dana Jansensperhaps fix an infinate loop in here..
2002-07-26 Dana Jansensmake the execute process better
2002-07-26 Dana Jansensremove debug cout
2002-07-26 Dana Jansensadd new binary
2002-07-25 Dana Jansensadd default workspace change bindings
2002-07-25 Dana Jansensmake what is output optional
2002-07-25 Dana Jansensadd the xftlsfonts utility
2002-07-25 Dana Jansensdont focus more than one window when cycling!
2002-07-25 Dana Jansenswait for 20 seconds instead of 20 milliseconds for...
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensdon't try pass focus off to windows that dont take it
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensfix capitalization
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensdocument the current hardcoded key bindings
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensremove a debug cout
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensmake lastActiveWindow more intelligent
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensbetter window focusing
2002-07-24 Dana Jansenssmarter window cycling, behave with omnipresent windows
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensremove some unneeded std::'s
2002-07-24 Dana Jansenswatch for case where not all screens get managed!
2002-07-24 Dana Jansensepist + multihead == <drool>
2002-07-23 Dana Jansensmake more clear
2002-07-23 Dana Jansenscycle windows was looping forever!
2002-07-23 Dana Jansensno more segging when adding removing windows
2002-07-23 Dana Jansensincluding wrong
2002-07-22 Dana Jansensmuch nicer hardcoded bindings! :)
2002-07-22 Dana Jansenshandle events on the right screen
2002-07-22 Dana Jansensrun execs
2002-07-22 Dana Jansensfunction declaration for a function that no longer...
2002-07-21 Scott Moyneshandle all combinations of lock modifiers on keypress
2002-07-21 Scott MoynesHandle all combinations of the lock modifiers on a...
2002-07-21 Dana Jansensdont use "exec " anymore cuz then stuff like && doesn...
2002-07-21 Dana Jansensexec stuff with "exec " so the sh isnt left over in...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd some cvsignore's
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd no_NO and ro_RO translations
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensi put paths in here by accident ^_^
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd another hardcoded binding :)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensremove the add/remove/active_window debug cout's
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement window resizing. using resizing incrememnts...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement window resizing
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenskeep track of window dimentions
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd action and design for resizing a window
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement toggleMaximize(Vert|Horz|Full)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensimplement moveWindowUp/Down/Left/Right
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenschanged teh builtin bindings.. :)
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensnow it opens on all possible screens
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenslet you specify the class for cycling windows per class
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensmake cycling by window class work properly, was using...
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd maximizing to the action enum
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd execute command. add string to action class.
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensexec works now
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadded hardcoded bindings for changeWorkspace 1-4
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensrename the sendTo action to sendToWorkspace
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadded sendTo action
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd 'toggleomnipresent' action
2002-07-20 Dana Jansenssmall change.
2002-07-20 Dana Jansensadd cycling of windows of the same class on all workspaces