change how the widgets' _dirty flag works so that all inheritence levels of the widge...
[mikachu/openbox.git] / util / epist /
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensmake epist compile with the new code base
2002-08-22 Dana Jansenss/__openbox_version/OPENBOX_VERSION
2002-08-19 Dana Jansensadd -help and -version (thanks ppl)
2002-08-09 Scott Moynesfixed spelling mistake
2002-07-19 Dana Jansensfix typos
2002-07-12 Dana Jansensepist now based on the BaseDisplay.
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensepist now handles -display on the command line, and...
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensopen an X display
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensadded signal handling
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensadd the copyright
2002-07-11 Dana Jansensadding epist!