change how the widgets' _dirty flag works so that all inheritence levels of the widge...
[mikachu/openbox.git] / otk /
2002-11-16 Dana Jansenschange how the widgets' _dirty flag works so that all...
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensnew button that is a focuslabel
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensadd a Label class that doesnt change with focus
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensactually add this shit. yay
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensadd OtkFocusLabel
2002-11-16 Dana Jansenscheck to make sure the style config could be loaded
2002-11-16 Marius Nita:
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensuse the timer queue manager
2002-11-16 Dana Jansensadd a constructor for strut that takes margin sizes
2002-11-16 Marius Nitafixed bugs, got otkapp to select on a fd, modded widget...
2002-11-16 Marius Nitathere
2002-11-16 Marius Nitaadded otkapplication and event stuff, changed other...
2002-11-16 Marius Nitaevent handling classes
2002-11-15 Marius Nitamore crap
2002-11-15 Marius Nitainitial commit
2002-11-15 Marius Nitahopefully caught stupid assert
2002-11-15 Marius Nitaheh
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensbetter fix for configure
2002-11-15 Marius Nitaerm
2002-11-15 Marius Nitamade resizing sexier
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensuse the rect
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensdont set dirty if not resizing
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensupdate headers to whats required
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensupdates dependancies
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensdont hide label
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensit resizes now
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensonly do shit if the size changed
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensresizes
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensbutton::updte sets _dirty back to false
2002-11-15 Dana Jansenssmarter expose. stop when the window is found
2002-11-15 Dana Jansenstry make drawing work better but its busted
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensmake stuff draw on expose events
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensmore deps
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensblef
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensbuild otk_test
2002-11-15 Dana Jansensuse configure's xft flags
2002-11-14 Marius Nitabutton crap
2002-11-14 Marius Nitablef
2002-11-14 Marius Nitagotta iron out this pressed button crap
2002-11-14 Marius Nitawidget update fix
2002-11-14 Marius Nitaworking button class (minus fonts)
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaadding vertical dynamic resize code
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaer
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaadd focuswidget to the build
2002-11-13 Marius Nitaupdated for the new MAD SEXY widget and focuswidget
2002-11-13 Marius NitaHOOGE improvements. now widgets calculate their size...
2002-11-13 Marius Nitainitial commit of focus widget
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensremove the redundant _size property in OBScreen, and...
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensmanages windows that exist before running.
2002-11-11 Dana Jansenssome small cleanups
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensunused include
2002-11-11 Dana Jansensfix some errs
2002-11-11 Marius Nitaadded missing header
2002-11-11 Marius Nitasmall test for OtkWidget
2002-11-11 Marius Nitaadded new files to the build
2002-11-11 Marius Nitabeginnings of button class
2002-11-11 Marius Nitacan now map windows and render textures
2002-11-11 Marius Nitaadded accessors for elements
2002-11-10 Marius Nitainitial commit
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenscleanups.
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensfixups
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensx() and y() should return values :)
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensinclude the point header
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensget rid of unsigneds
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensmake methods for Rect that use Point
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensdocument the Point class
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensadd the otk::Point type
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensmore layout fixes for the decoration elements
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenspretty sure all frame elements are placed correctly now
2002-11-10 Dana Jansensframes' subemelents are created and positioned and...
2002-11-10 Dana Jansenssupport for the shape extension works!
2002-11-06 Dana Jansenss/NULL/0/
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensdont need to specify otk:: when already in the namespace
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaseg fix
2002-11-06 Marius Nitaadded style class, moved util and config to otk
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensshow badwindow errors again
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensdont show badwindow errors
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensmoving strut into its own .hh. adding OBClient class
2002-11-06 Dana Jansensinclude algoritm
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensfinish conversion to the new otk::OBProperty class...
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensmode documentation updates
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensupdated documentation
2002-11-05 Dana Jansensadd OBProperty to otk, which was formerly known as...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensxeventhandler can handle everything except client messa...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensnew OBTimer interface
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensfix for documentation
2002-11-04 Dana JansensOBTimer is fully documented.
2002-11-04 Dana Jansenssplit the OBTimerQueueManager and TimerQueue into their...
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumenting classes!
2002-11-04 Dana Jansensdocumented
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensstop using the Utf8 functions. will use them later...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmissing include
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timer infrastructure. takes a function pointer...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensnew timers, timer manager
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensfix compiling in display.
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensmove Rect and PointerAssassin into the toolkit
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensadd an OBDisplay class and the old ScreenInfo class...
2002-11-03 Dana Jansensgettext is ready to rock and roll
2002-11-01 Dana Jansensadd gettext