add option for under-mouse placement
[mikachu/openbox.git] / openbox / place.c
2003-09-28 Dana Jansensadd option for under-mouse placement
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensdont use undermouse at all if focusNew is off
2003-09-26 Dana Jansensuse under-mouse placement *instead* of smart placement...
2003-09-22 Dana Jansensvisible is in the frame struct
2003-09-22 Dana Jansensignore non-visible windows too
2003-09-21 Dana Jansensplace so to avoid windows in layers above the window...
2003-09-19 Dana Jansenssmart xinerama placement for groups
2003-09-19 Dana Jansenssmart placement has a fallback for just groups now too
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensno tabs
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensadd copyright headers, adjust --version output to inclu...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensbest fit only one direction
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensno center in the first smart-place
2003-09-15 Dana Jansenssort smallest to largest area
2003-09-15 Dana Jansens2 passes at smart placement
2003-09-15 Dana Jansenssmart placement only avoids the focused window, and...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensfallback to random when focus follows mouse is off
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensfix comment
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensoops backwarsd
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensdont use continue
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensremove blank line
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensapply gravity to the chosen coords, bound the undermous...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensalways use smart placement, add under-mouse placement...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensdont count !normal clients for placement
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensadded smart placement
2003-08-29 Dana Jansensadd window placement routines to the kernel