2009-05-04 div0entities.def merge
2009-05-04 div0new toys for func_breakable (lots new options about...
2009-05-03 morphedonslaught - visible damage for generator ( code by...
2009-05-03 esteelcvar checksums
2009-05-03 div0fix a bug in flood control
2009-05-03 div0handle "tell" messages in qc too, to do flood protectio...
2009-05-03 mand1ngaFix typo
2009-05-03 mand1ngaSlighly better workaround for goals leading straight...
2009-05-02 mand1ngaUpdated waypoints for runningmanctf
2009-05-02 mand1ngaFixed bug in the detection of goals
2009-05-02 mand1ngaAdded support for waypoint hardwiring. Same format...
2009-05-02 div0revert many fteqcc workarounds, as Blub has a patch...
2009-05-02 div0fix the patch building
2009-05-01 mand1ngaTell the location of new/removed waypoints (towards...
2009-05-01 mand1ngaFix in the navigation_hasgoals field handling
2009-05-01 mand1ngaUpdated default cached routes
2009-05-01 mand1ngaBetter placement for auto generated waypoints. For...
2009-05-01 mrbougoprevent non-players from stealing, and add 'same team...
2009-05-01 mand1ngaUpdated 2.5.1 background
2009-05-01 div0patch file name
2009-04-30 div0make makefile know again if code has changed
2009-04-30 div0use InitializeEntity for onslaught too
2009-04-30 morphedless smoke on explosions
2009-04-29 div0minstagib: make players always fullbright again
2009-04-29 div0yet another fteqcc bug workaround
2009-04-29 esteeladded net_address to server.cfg and some minor changes
2009-04-28 div0fix two more obviously buggy places
2009-04-28 div0fix debris bug in func_breakable
2009-04-28 div0fix a typo in walker code
2009-04-28 div0try working around fteqcc -r3178 bug
2009-04-28 esteelrenamed the !@#$% player_fbskin_* and sv_defaultplayer_...
2009-04-28 div0wait longer till disorienting
2009-04-28 div0improve projectiles when sys_ticrate is 0
2009-04-28 esteelallow easy coloring of the help messages
2009-04-28 esteelcvar checksums
2009-04-28 div0add a comment
2009-04-28 div0Nick flood protection. Death to nick changing scripts!
2009-04-28 mand1ngaChanged the probability of ctf roles assignations to...
2009-04-28 mand1ngaFix eggandbacon.waypoints.cache
2009-04-28 mand1ngaConverted the bot command queue from arrays to entities...
2009-04-27 mand1ngaDon't pre-turn if the next goal is a teleporter / jump pad
2009-04-27 div0better detect teamplay
2009-04-26 mand1ngaFix ancient bug in the detection of "touched" jump...
2009-04-26 mrbougowoops, I did it wrong :P
2009-04-26 mrbougonexball: laser and shotgun disabled by default
2009-04-26 mrbougoforgot a few changes to support >2 teams
2009-04-26 div0minimap support to nexuiz-map-compiler
2009-04-26 div0add minimap making to radiant build menu
2009-04-25 mrbougowoops, entities.def mismatch
2009-04-25 mrbougoNexball changes:
2009-04-25 mand1ngaFix silly logic in navigation_routetogoal
2009-04-25 mand1ngaAdded support for many goals. Best goals will be added...
2009-04-24 div0"cherryblossom" effect for func_pointparticles :P
2009-04-24 div0more "other" fixes
2009-04-24 div0give access to "other"
2009-04-24 mrbougonexball: make the power meter less transparent
2009-04-23 div0allow a .map or .bsp suffix in the command line
2009-04-23 mrbougoupdated the effectinfo.txt comments
2009-04-23 div0make the script support csqc better
2009-04-23 div0remove all 2.4.2 compatibility code (do not merge this...
2009-04-23 div0improve waypointsprites for speccers
2009-04-23 tzorkmake verb owner a param of verbstack_push.
2009-04-23 tzorkadd verbstack_popfifo & verbstack_pullfifo
2009-04-23 tzorkAdded steerlib_beamsteer
2009-04-22 div0detect the current fteqcc compiler bug, and abort if...
2009-04-22 div0fix one tiny bug: writing of g_nexball cvar
2009-04-22 div0add nexball to the menu
2009-04-22 mrbougoForgot to update cvar counts and merge entities.def :p
2009-04-22 mrbougoNexball goes official :D
2009-04-22 esteelfix simple vote majority in the menu
2009-04-22 div0fix a bug in a dprint :P
2009-04-22 div0fix voting really now
2009-04-22 div0remove warnings
2009-04-22 div0hopefully fix IP ban list reading
2009-04-22 div0fix vote parsing: if chmap is allowed, gotomap should...
2009-04-22 div0more ipban message fixes
2009-04-22 div0add more messages to ipban system
2009-04-22 div0fix typo in debug message
2009-04-21 div0ipban: add some debug code
2009-04-21 esteelimproved server/readme.txt a bit?
2009-04-21 div0experiment: two rows of game type buttons
2009-04-21 div0more notarget fixes :P
2009-04-21 div0try to make "notarget" cheat work with bots
2009-04-21 div0Try fixing bug on alientrap.org/forum/viewtopic.php...
2009-04-21 div0add a checkbox for r_coronas_occlusionqueries
2009-04-20 m0rfarpatch by terencehill: modified the TAG icon to be a...
2009-04-20 div0build script update
2009-04-19 div0cvar check cvars were wrong...
2009-04-19 div0crylink trail
2009-04-19 div0allow more globals
2009-04-19 mand1ngaLowered the size of the command queue to make room...
2009-04-19 mand1ngaAdded simple support for bots scripting. It features...
2009-04-19 div0add return value to spamsound()
2009-04-19 div0fix sound spam issue with projectiles stuck on jumppads
2009-04-19 div0properly transmit whether crylink projectiles are bounc...
2009-04-19 esteelupdate crylink projectiles on bouce, we wanna still...
2009-04-19 div0fix bsptool handling _gridsize keys
2009-04-17 div0sv_cheats 1: show all players on team radar
2009-04-17 div0fix fteqcc optimization :P
2009-04-17 div0avoid drawing clientwall/etc. with alpha <= 0.003