2008-10-11 div0rcon2irc: add irc_local option. Probably broken.
2008-10-11 div0g_balance_teams_complain 0 now shuts off the message...
2008-10-11 div0add more cvars (new ones...)
2008-10-11 div0forgot this
2008-10-11 div0credit tenshihan with full name
2008-10-11 div0stop using the insane tokenizer for menu skin files
2008-10-11 div0Experimental new tokenizer (should now be 1:1 compatibl...
2008-10-11 div0[-z-]
2008-10-10 div0allow flag dropping, but disabled by default. Also...
2008-10-10 div0irc_trigger
2008-10-10 div0credits fixes (Tenshihan, [-z-], Blub)
2008-10-10 div0use sound/weapons/minstanexfire.ogg
2008-10-10 div0fix keyhunt crash with warmup
2008-10-10 div0remove debug print too
2008-10-10 div0oops :P forgot to un-setmodel when getting the modelindexes
2008-10-10 div0fix func_bobbing
2008-10-10 div0correctly track player ID of last holding player
2008-10-10 div0fix fraglimit display for CTF
2008-10-10 div0ctf: always sort scoreboard by personal score
2008-10-10 div0hook is a mutator, why seta?
2008-10-10 morphedtoned down hagar trail, more powerfull rocket explosion...
2008-10-10 div0new teamradar alpha defaults, should look better and...
2008-10-10 div0more visible vote/warmup naggers
2008-10-10 esteelmade build-compat-pack.sh executable
2008-10-10 div0fix team radar FG alpha default
2008-10-10 div0fix missing CTF settings in server.cfg
2008-10-10 div0oops, forgot these
2008-10-10 div0better name
2008-10-10 div0added a script to make svn server support pk3s
2008-10-10 div0separated out the mortar trail and the hagar trail...
2008-10-10 div0fix float logic for almost_in_bounds
2008-10-10 div0tiny cleanup
2008-10-10 div0don't kill impressive that easily :P
2008-10-10 div0support for announcer/male/impressive and announcer...
2008-10-10 div0yet another scoring mode...
2008-10-10 div0fix that cfg
2008-10-10 div0forgot this cvar. THERE IS NO LONGER g_ctf_win_mode...
2008-10-10 div0use g_ctf_personalscore* cvars if g_ctf_win_mode is...
2008-10-10 div0fix flag scoring config
2008-10-09 div0"message2" for hurt triggers
2008-10-09 div0make portal health/lifetime cvars
2008-10-09 div0- make portals easier to destruct (200 health instead...
2008-10-09 div0argh... last typo there
2008-10-09 div0fix typo in radar
2008-10-09 div0cl_teamradar_foreground_alpha cvar
2008-10-09 div0defer droptofloor to after all entities are loaded...
2008-10-09 div0fix shotgun effect
2008-10-09 div0fix setsize calls. This should now fix flag going throu...
2008-10-09 div0g_ctf_fullbrightflags
2008-10-09 div0more death types (now weapons know whether the hit...
2008-10-08 div0wider radar dialog
2008-10-08 div0fix overtime msg
2008-10-08 div0this file has to match defaultNexuiz.cfg
2008-10-08 div0make objerror safe for all entities again
2008-10-08 div0same bug again
2008-10-08 div0it currently is not allowed to objerror() when an Initi...
2008-10-08 div0background alpha 0.25 for team radar should be enough
2008-10-08 div0add an engine check before using the MIPMAP flag
2008-10-08 div0fix division by zero if cl_zoomfactor == 1
2008-10-08 div0use q3map2 not mapinfo bounds for short circuit
2008-10-08 div0reset the ready count too on ready-restart (not just...
2008-10-08 div0fix default weapon color (0xAA is no longer neutral)
2008-10-08 div0improve "radarmap" help
2008-10-08 div0soylent now uses the new way
2008-10-08 div0renamed roughmap to radarmap; automatically sharpen it
2008-10-08 div0fix bogus keyhunt interfere messages
2008-10-08 div0new command "sv_cmd bbox" outputting all relevant bboxe...
2008-10-07 div0update world mins/maxs fro mapinfo; fix comment
2008-10-07 div0update change list
2008-10-07 div0add option "sv_cmd roughmap --quit" to exit the server...
2008-10-07 div0team radar menu controls
2008-10-06 div0minor portals fix again :P
2008-10-06 div0updated entcs, less of a bandwidth hog
2008-10-06 div0experimental change: only resend a waypointsprite if...
2008-10-06 div0also compare the team in SPRITERULE_DEFAULT. Should...
2008-10-06 div0improve error message for size line
2008-10-06 div0hidewaypoints is handled by client now
2008-10-06 div0added a new crosshair 12 (idea by tweak)
2008-10-05 div0fix vote display
2008-10-05 div0fix a broken check by commenting it out. It never was...
2008-10-05 div0fix assault brush entities
2008-10-05 div0also copy weapon and switchweapon to spectators
2008-10-05 div0do not generate that many porto weapons :P
2008-10-05 div0iapply the vid_conwidth/height ratio for the sprites
2008-10-05 div0forgot this file
2008-10-05 div0work around engine crash by drawing 2D polygons after...
2008-10-04 div0draw HUD before other stuff again (no idea why this...
2008-10-04 div0do not use "chain" that way!
2008-10-04 div0let HUD draw over other stuff
2008-10-04 div0try to detect missing minimap and show no radar
2008-10-04 div0cl_teamradar_position
2008-10-04 div0fix MrBougo's portal bug
2008-10-04 div0fix hook bug, but why?
2008-10-04 div0ignore "trace_endpos in solid" error as it sometimes...
2008-10-04 div0fix wrong observe message
2008-10-04 m0rfarBetter alpha on silver skin. Still looks about the...
2008-10-04 div0more teamradar features (zoom mode)
2008-10-04 div0cl_teamradar_size cvar
2008-10-04 div0use the new mipmap drawflag
2008-10-04 div0fix timelimit display after ready-restart (no longer...