2009-05-30 m0rfarmerge entities.def
2009-05-30 div0scale down textures again :(
2009-05-30 div0add missing texs
2009-05-30 div0compat pack builder
2009-05-30 div0bring back old GL edge damage
2009-05-30 div0RL damage: 120 to 100
2009-05-30 div0rocket guide rate is 90 again, 90 was best
2009-05-30 div0rocket guiding: no revenge from the grave
2009-05-30 div0weaker rocket guidance, 120 deg/sec is really too much...
2009-05-30 mrbougoitems that aren't picked up should not spawn particles...
2009-05-30 div0fix mixed dos/unix linefeeds before I do actual changes...
2009-05-30 mand1ngaMinor cleanup
2009-05-30 mand1ngaCTF flag glow trails imported from Spidflisk by -z-
2009-05-30 mand1ngaFix warning
2009-05-29 mrbougoweapon cvars checksum updated
2009-05-29 mrbougoMore tweaks to the blood color, simulate te_bloodshower...
2009-05-29 div0missing in last patch
2009-05-29 div0adv server settings
2009-05-29 div0#101
2009-05-29 div0bgmscript: < means angular movement
2009-05-29 div0prevent guiding for the first 0.15s after firing rocket...
2009-05-29 div0nex damage down to 110, so 150 + megahealth gives you...
2009-05-29 div0As per lordhavoc's suggestion, all rockets are guided...
2009-05-29 div0fix grenade launcher through floor
2009-05-29 mand1ngaMinor fix
2009-05-29 mand1ngaNew cvar checksum
2009-05-29 mand1ngaNew file based configuration for bots by Taoki
2009-05-28 div0item pickup effect
2009-05-28 div0fix cl_cmd help
2009-05-27 div0- move RandomSelection to misc/
2009-05-27 div0keep shot origins outside walls (maybe fixes a bug...
2009-05-26 greenmarinefixed bug in the score-area of the HUD (showing your...
2009-05-26 mrbougomake human blood brighter, fix typo. one problem left...
2009-05-26 mrbougonew gib types: alien and robot_shiny, and blood types...
2009-05-26 mrbougomake the door entities stop their movement on reset
2009-05-26 mrbougoreset trigger_multiple correctly: don't assume they...
2009-05-25 div0nexuiz-map-compiler: add option -order vis,light,minimap
2009-05-25 div0same rcon change
2009-05-25 div0srcon: compatible protocol change
2009-05-24 div0fix some more bad stuff in new onslaught code
2009-05-24 div0fix major breakage in onslaught code (e.g. map reset...
2009-05-24 div0include game_starttime in respawn time calc
2009-05-24 div0replace all TGAs here by TGAs written by ppmtotga ...
2009-05-23 div0sorry for breaking strength and basement. Reverted.
2009-05-23 div0mapinfo: do an explicit heapsort for the mapinfo list...
2009-05-23 mrbougoentities.def: func_button accepts multiple targets too
2009-05-23 mand1ngaPatch for more visible pressed keys (cl_showpressedkeys...
2009-05-22 mand1ngaFix compiler warnings
2009-05-22 div0add sound/weapons/weaponpickup.ogg and particles/partic...
2009-05-22 div0clarify welcome message handling in campaign
2009-05-22 div0add a g_tdm_teams_override cvar similar to g_keyhunt_te...
2009-05-22 mand1ngaPimp Onslaught code :)
2009-05-21 m0rfarDom point tweaks. Removed a lot and moved some.
2009-05-21 morphedforgotten onslaught code found in shaolin temple
2009-05-20 morphedpimp my onslaught, various changes to our favorite...
2009-05-20 mand1ngaFix typo
2009-05-20 div0new supercontents flags: BOTCLIP (matching Q3's botclip...
2009-05-18 mand1ngaUpdated sound by morphed
2009-05-18 mand1ngaNew generator explosion for Onslaught
2009-05-18 mand1ngaUpdated ons effects by //\//\0rph3d
2009-05-18 mand1ngaShockwave sound by m0rphed
2009-05-18 morphedonslaught sfx assets
2009-05-17 div0now the trolls have done it. An official "mute" and...
2009-05-16 div0don't ask me why - put the condition back. maybe a...
2009-05-16 div0print which item you picked up if you pick up jetpack...
2009-05-16 div0I have no idea why this logic needs inverting, but...
2009-05-16 div0forbid LOD models if ALLOW_VARIABLE_LOD is set
2009-05-15 mrbougosomeone forgot to merge the entities
2009-05-14 div0make maxplayers at least bot_number+1
2009-05-14 div0print pure check details to IRC
2009-05-13 div0fix compat pack building
2009-05-13 div0turn off intermission cdtrack to fix #214
2009-05-12 morphednew generator model, with damage models and small code...
2009-05-12 div0debrisskin parameter to func_breakable
2009-05-12 div0make these pics poweroftwo while I'm at it
2009-05-12 div0updated xcf
2009-05-12 div0make strength/invincible countdown look better with...
2009-05-12 div0new strength/invincible images
2009-05-12 div0new strength/invincible images
2009-05-12 tzorkgfx/colors/*.tga brokenness partially fixed.
2009-05-12 div0fix typos in hudselector 2
2009-05-12 div0the "noobhud": a HUD that does not show armor and healt...
2009-05-12 div0items: randomize initial spawn of powerups fully
2009-05-12 div0compat pack missed a file
2009-05-12 div0also implement errx
2009-05-12 div0remove <err.h> dependency to make it compile on stupid...
2009-05-12 div0fix team radar pings
2009-05-12 div0fix respawn display of teamed items
2009-05-12 div0use grey for jetpack, not orange
2009-05-12 div0new compat pack :P
2009-05-12 div0fix shield sprite
2009-05-12 div0cvar check :P
2009-05-12 div0testing:
2009-05-11 div0hooked: less ammo (so you can always hook twice with...
2009-05-11 div0fix stupid typo in HUD score defintiion
2009-05-11 div0hook now takes fuel
2009-05-11 div0hit plots: also print weapon number
2009-05-11 div0hitplot to tga tool
2009-05-11 div0handle antilag for bots correctly for hitplot purposes
2009-05-10 div0fix two bugs in hitplotting