Make bots use the #~½¬&<hr>·@!Tuba if available ;)
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / havocbot.qc
2009-06-10 mand1ngaMake bots use the #~½¬&<hr>·@!Tuba if available ;)
2009-06-10 mand1ngaMore fixes for bot command moveto
2009-06-10 mand1ngaFixed bot command moveto
2009-06-10 div0bots: minor fixes, still not good...
2009-06-05 mand1ngaFixed bug on the path finding to dropped ctf flags
2009-05-31 mand1ngaBetter sighting of enemies
2009-05-10 mand1ngaAdded moveto and resetgoal bot commands
2009-05-03 mand1ngaSlighly better workaround for goals leading straight...
2009-04-27 mand1ngaDon't pre-turn if the next goal is a teleporter / jump pad
2009-04-25 mand1ngaAdded support for many goals. Best goals will be added...
2009-04-19 mand1ngaAdded simple support for bots scripting. It features...
2009-04-07 mand1ngaDon't jump if g_midair is set (mid air mutator)
2009-04-06 div0better void evasion with the jetpack
2009-04-05 mand1ngaImproved dangers detection
2009-04-05 mand1ngaFixed insane weapon switching
2009-04-04 mand1ngaDon't default to laser when there is no enemy at sight
2009-04-04 mand1ngaCalculate xy speed properly
2009-04-04 div0- trigger_items: make it kill dropped weapons
2009-04-03 mand1ngaSlightly improved rocket jumping
2009-04-03 mand1ngaImproved jetpack usage and rocket jumping
2009-04-03 mand1ngaBots will try to use the jetpack or rocket jump if...
2009-04-03 mand1ngaFix a bug in the strafing code
2009-04-02 mand1ngaIf there are no enemies at sight and the laser is not...
2009-04-02 mand1ngaMake the bunny hopping algorithm a little more robust
2009-03-21 mand1ngaReplaced water levels with meaningful constants
2009-03-16 div0cleanup: remove code to load w_*.zym weapon models;
2009-03-15 mand1ngaFixed bug in the routing to alternative goals. Don...
2009-03-14 mand1ngaSearch for nearest waypoints more progressively. This...
2009-03-12 mand1ngaBasic ladder handling for bots
2009-03-12 mand1ngaBots: Swimming support (only to get out of water)
2009-03-01 mand1ngaBots: Escape from jump pads :D
2009-03-01 div0fix bot weapon priority lists of full length
2009-02-27 mand1ngaSlightly better dangers detection
2009-02-22 mand1ngaBots: Check for dangers when running
2009-02-21 mand1ngaBots: Added bunny-hopping support :)
2009-02-13 mand1ngaBots: Removed bot_ai_facingwall_timeout as its not...
2009-02-13 mand1ngaBots: Avoid getting stuck against a wall, remove goals...
2009-02-11 mand1ngaBots: Evaluate the risks of picking up items or chasing...
2009-02-09 mand1ngaBot improvements:
2009-01-16 mand1ngan00bots never heard about weapon combos
2008-12-23 div0New stuff:
2008-12-17 div0get rid of RETURN VALUE ALREADY IN USE bug
2008-12-16 div0bots: combos; custom weapon priorities
2008-09-03 div0make the minstagib Nex a separate weapon
2008-09-02 div0add a comment "// %weaponaddpoint" at all places that...
2008-08-11 div0race: let everyone complete his lap when the race is...
2008-08-10 div0race: "g_race_qualifying 2" makes qualifying-then-race...
2008-07-01 div0change all function declarations (except builtins and...
2008-06-30 div0use the button macros everywhere
2008-03-02 lordhavocdon't let bots fire at all when bot_nofire is on
2008-02-26 lordhavocbots now play CTF properly
2008-02-25 lordhavocfixed several bugs in bots to do with movement and...
2008-01-25 lordhavoctweaked bot weapon choosing
2007-09-12 div0fix small division by zero
2007-05-11 div0g_balance_jumpvelocity -> sv_jumpheight
2007-04-29 div0fix division by 0
2007-04-20 div0make spawnpoint dropping depend on g_spawnpoints_autodrop
2007-04-18 div0Dear havocbots,
2006-08-17 div0Qantourisc's improved havocbots AI - have fun!
2006-06-12 lordhavocrenamed and moved all gamec/*.[ch] files to *.q[ch]