also force chase cam in tuba arena
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / qcsrc / server / cl_client.qc
2009-06-09 div0also force chase cam in tuba arena
2009-06-03 mrbougofix silly bug causing 100% cpu by file reading
2009-05-31 div0less leaks for everyone
2009-05-30 div0rocket guiding: no revenge from the grave
2009-05-27 div0- move RandomSelection to misc/
2009-05-26 mrbougonew gib types: alien and robot_shiny, and blood types...
2009-05-16 div0forbid LOD models if ALLOW_VARIABLE_LOD is set
2009-05-12 div0the "noobhud": a HUD that does not show armor and healt...
2009-05-12 div0items: randomize initial spawn of powerups fully
2009-05-11 div0hook now takes fuel
2009-05-10 div0hit plot fix of closing file handle -1
2009-05-10 div0hitplot writing
2009-05-02 div0revert many fteqcc workarounds, as Blub has a patch...
2009-04-29 div0minstagib: make players always fullbright again
2009-04-28 div0try working around fteqcc -r3178 bug
2009-04-22 mrbougoNexball goes official :D
2009-04-21 div0Try fixing bug on
2009-04-17 div0sv_cheats 1: show all players on team radar
2009-04-16 div0compat fix for ame7q3tny1
2009-04-13 div0leave the "oldorigin" field on player entities alone...
2009-04-08 div0fix typo in shield finished timer
2009-04-07 div0use -1 as team numbers for spectators (PLEASE TEST)
2009-04-07 div0better indicqation of strength running out
2009-03-31 div0some minor centerprint fixes
2009-03-30 div0jetpack: item_jetpack now has a model
2009-03-30 div0more consistency regarding fuel
2009-03-30 div0I forgot an item we need:
2009-03-30 div0fix the remaining bugs in fuel support
2009-03-30 div0jetpack: add a "fuel" ammo type, and use that - and...
2009-03-28 div0shut up about "zero modelindex" if the player is dead...
2009-03-27 div0now REALLY make sure jetpack sound turns off
2009-03-27 div0turn off jetpack sound when dead
2009-03-27 div0jetpack fly sound
2009-03-26 div0jetpack fuel HUD
2009-03-20 div0use the walk movetype instead, hope it's better
2009-03-20 div0clear onground while dragging
2009-03-20 div0dragging: that bounce is annoying :P
2009-03-20 div0don't change angles of submodel
2009-03-20 div0fix spawning from spectator mode (no longer cause a...
2009-03-20 div0prevent bugs with dragging a player while he dies
2009-03-20 div0entity dragging: make it more gravity gun-like
2009-03-19 div0actualyl, let's not reset FL_ONGROUND after dragging...
2009-03-19 div0let stuff unset onground after being dragged
2009-03-19 div0block movetype while dragging
2009-03-19 div0weapon system: fix "" errors
2009-03-19 div0drag cursor: start at the 32 grid
2009-03-19 div0drag cursor: don't overshoot when moving back
2009-03-19 div0some drag cursor improvements :P
2009-03-19 div0make misc_follow able to set up attachments (so you...
2009-03-13 div0fight float inaccuracy in the animation system
2009-03-12 lordhavocfixed muzzleflashes with sv_qcweaponanimation mode
2009-03-11 lordhavocadded dpm weapon support
2009-03-08 div0fix "corona in air" bug when a strength player got...
2009-02-27 div0more teamplay fixes
2009-02-27 div0slightly better behaviour on "color 14 14; connect...
2009-02-27 div0lots of teamplay cleanups, should fix "color 3 3; cmd...
2009-02-25 div0fix crash with sv_spectate 0 in team games
2009-02-20 div0nex beam stuff by green
2009-02-19 esteelshow the WelcomeMessage only on join for welcome_messag...
2009-02-12 div0SP_LMS_RANK) // allow writing to this field in intermis...
2009-02-12 div0hopefully fix score display in LMS
2009-02-11 div0showpressedkeys.
2009-02-06 div0remove duplicate sending of maxclients (client has...
2009-02-06 div0remove some trailing newlines from centerprints ([...
2009-02-06 div0[ 2555913 ] Strength and invincibility timer
2009-01-31 div0fix some uses of the flags field; should fix turret...
2009-01-31 div0fix another problem of that "fix invisibilty" patch...
2009-01-31 div0bloodloss
2009-01-29 div0make all assignments to SendEntity go through Net_LinkE...
2009-01-28 div0remove all TEs that contain a permanent state.
2009-01-28 div0get rid of TE_CSQC_WARMUP
2009-01-28 div0try to fix invis again
2009-01-27 div0make mapvote a shared ent too
2009-01-27 div0try to fix the previous commit
2009-01-27 div0make TE_CSQC_INIT and TE_CSQC_SCORESINFO shared entitie...
2009-01-26 div0fix invis
2009-01-26 div0make chat bubble attached
2009-01-18 div0set -616 frags for nonsolid players; that way the engin...
2009-01-10 div0make voice sounds a bit louder again
2009-01-08 div0delay taunts by 1 second
2009-01-06 div0fix "loof" :P
2008-12-31 esteelreset crifle bulletcounter on spawn, less annoying...
2008-12-25 div0avoid calling dropclient from cl_movement frames
2008-12-15 div0friendly fire/team damage/mirror damage change; warning...
2008-12-09 div0get rid of the stupid (-) operator, use the more readab...
2008-11-25 div0 // whatever happens, allow 60 seconds of idling...
2008-11-25 div0hopefully fix campcheck
2008-11-23 div0yet another fix attempt for touchexplode
2008-11-23 div0touchexplode: fix for noclip
2008-11-23 div0new mutator: g_touchexplode (spawn explosion where...
2008-11-21 div0rename cvar from g_bigrigs to g_bugrigs ;)
2008-11-21 div0force chase cam in "big rigs" mode
2008-11-20 div0hidden cvar: car-like physics mode; misc_gamemodel...
2008-11-19 div0mask spectatee effects with EFMASK_CHEAP; add a loddebu...
2008-11-16 div0fix TDM
2008-11-10 div0possibly allow untested welcome message disabling again
2008-11-10 div0target2 handling improved
2008-11-10 div0trgger_multiple: support target, target2, target3,...
2008-11-08 div0target_voicescript beginnign
2008-11-06 div0fix the sound madness once and for all: change ogg...