add "lsmaps" alias
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / nexuiz-credits.txt
2008-02-12 div0new: sv_vote_majority_factor
2008-01-19 div0database, stringbuffer and FTE_STRINGS for menu QC;
2007-12-28 div0add our great new engine hacker to credits.txt
2007-04-20 div0- removed empty line from default.cfg and credits
2006-12-08 esteelchanged credits from Cheapalert to leileilol as requested
2006-08-17 savagexadd Qantourisc to the credits for the work on the bots
2006-05-29 vermeulenAdded Div0 to the team credits and added 'menu artist...
2006-05-13 savagexadd Tymo to the Thanks section
2006-03-21 kadaverjacknew sounds for grenade bounce and rocket alt-fire and...
2006-02-21 savagexcredit for OpenQuartz gibs
2006-02-14 VermeulenMoved some team members to thanks. Just people who...
2006-02-13 kadaverjackfixed another hovering item (nexdm14) and credit Netzwe...
2006-02-13 savagexThanks to dstrek for Mac testing
2006-02-11 esteeltZorks name added as requested
2006-02-11 esteelrenamed credits.txt to nexuiz-credits.txt to avoid...