Scaled the weapon models down about 30% to match 2.5.2 sizes. Except the tuba, I...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / models / weapons /
2010-05-28 m0rfarScaled the weapon models down about 30% to match 2... master trunk
2010-05-09 m0rfarw_ weapon models are not used anymore. Deleting them.
2009-11-07 m0rfarMake Radiant load the shaders for electro, gl and sg
2009-09-01 div0[for 2.5.2] fireball weapon DATA
2009-07-20 div0[11:57:02] <@LordHavoc> div0: or just remove the seeker...
2009-07-06 mrbougocut one frame off the rifle reload anim, which ended...
2009-06-21 div0make all weapon animations self-play in the engine
2009-06-08 div0fix rotating tuba model
2009-06-08 div0tuba model origin fixes
2009-06-08 div0normals on the tuba were flipped, fixed
2009-06-08 div0tuba model and texture (not well working yet, will...
2009-03-16 div0remove unused (w_*.zym for the models that weren't...
2009-03-15 motorsepShotgun moved forward a bit
2009-03-15 motorsepGrenademodel centered, Hagar lowered, Minstanex raised.
2009-03-15 motorsepupdate animation for certain weapons to make it more...
2009-03-15 motorsepthe rest of the weapons' hands
2009-03-14 motorsepPorto and RL hands
2009-03-14 motorsepNex hand
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://
2009-03-14 motorsepLaser hand
2009-03-14 motorsepHookgun hand
2009-03-14 motorsepHLAC hand
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://
2009-03-14 motorsepgit-svn-id: svn://
2009-03-14 div0fix texture path in v_hagar
2009-03-14 motorsepGL hand updated
2009-03-14 motorsepnew v_hagar.md3
2009-03-14 motorsepupdated GL hand
2009-03-14 motorsepGL hand
2009-03-14 motorsepElectro hand
2009-03-14 motorsepCrylink hand
2009-03-13 m0rfarNew camping rifle animations by motorsep
2009-03-13 m0rfarcampingrifle animinfo fix by motersep
2009-03-13 lordhavocchanged idle fps to 10
2009-03-13 lordhavocmotorsep did a hand model for the camping rifle
2009-03-12 lordhavocgit-svn-id: svn://
2009-03-11 lordhavocadded dpm weapon support
2009-02-28 m0rfarAt least make radiant open the main electro skin. It...
2009-02-26 m0rfarremoved the "could not load texture "null"" message...
2009-02-24 morphednexgun 0.7 anim
2009-02-24 div0new radarmap images by Roffnan
2009-02-23 morphedfix for shotgun and uzi for WFRAME_FIRE2
2009-02-23 morphedlots of weapon content changes, new models, new animati...
2009-02-06 div0add laser pickup model; make laser optionally throwable
2008-12-29 div0shot origin argh
2008-12-29 div0slightly updated crifle
2008-12-25 morphedI changed hlac_mod into hlacmod by accident, sry :)
2008-12-25 morphedhlac fix: proper size for textures, smaller scope,...
2008-12-23 div0New stuff:
2008-12-15 morphednew hlac model in 2 versions + textures and stuff
2008-10-23 tzorkHLAC and Tag Seeker weapons.
2008-10-22 div0hook gun model by morphed
2008-09-03 div0use the old Nex model and old Nex shot origin; make...
2008-09-02 div0fix Port-O-Launch
2008-07-02 m0rfarHexedited all texture references in pickups .md3's...
2008-02-19 morphednew rocket launcher model, new rocket model, fixed...
2008-02-16 morphednew weapon icons and fixed idle anim on nexgun
2008-02-16 morphednew nexgun
2008-02-15 morphedNew machine gun model and textures
2006-12-07 esteelcorrected MG firstperson viewmodel, now with clip
2006-12-03 esteelscaled machinegun
2006-11-28 savagexadd new Uzi (by Morphed) to trunk
2006-11-04 savagexcommit new shotgun model to trunk
2006-02-18 kadaverjack- all rocket launcher models are using the same texture...
2006-01-10 kadaverjackMorphed's new Nex model
2005-12-29 lordhavocchanged skin name from LDArl.tga to ldarl.tga
2005-12-27 kadaverjackremoved missing sounds
2005-11-07 savagexcommit 1.2.1 game media